children's intelligence watch pit dad pit mama again?

with the development of the internet, smart mobile devices has become an important part of children's the same time, the case for teens network attacks are also gradually increasing.before smart watch cctv"topics in focus"expose children pose a safety hazard, hole, hackers can use watch for children walking routes, and mobile client login password by modifying the parents, to cut off the connection between the smart phones and parents watch.

this message let many parents worried, was smart watches are for the children's safety, but instead let hackers exploiting the loopholes, became the safe hidden trouble of the parents and children, that what should i do?

watch children intelligence why there are safety concerns?

in general, children's intelligence will watch with movement, positioning, voice calls, rich functions such as listening to their surroundings.and these functions are based on the specific operating system software application development.

if involves the movement of data to be people with ulterior motives use, may be parent judgment.leading to some irrational behavior, resulted in property damage.

you are easy to neglect of security holes

if at the time of using smart watches, you have the following defects, it may pose a safety hazard.

1.weak password control is not strict, allows the user to use passwords such as 123456;

2.access control is not strict, no rejection policies for unauthorized devices;

3.the loopholes of the operating system and software bugs don't update;

4.some vendors to entities can also lead to poor management of user information server information.

smart watches are more likely to be tracking?

smart children watch is also a smart devices, like other intelligent devices, not easier to monitor or track, because all involves the design of hardware and software vulnerabilities can create data leakage.

people with ulterior motives can take advantage of the loopholes in weak password illegal invasion of the cloud server for children walking track, and even get to the parents' permission, use the smart watch provides all the functionality.

several suggestions to avoid smart devices by hackers using

how to safely use smart watches, the following useful:

1.parents and children should have safety consciousness, don't set the weak passwords;

3.don't rub the net, even in the environment of ceng network connection smart watch application software;

4.keep your cell phone or the safety and reliability of the terminal itself.

to set up a security guard against theft system is necessary to

of course, by the parents to take on this task, to build a security guard against theft system cost is too high, the feasibility is poor, we still need to rely on in manufacturing enterprises to unified industry safety to expand the traditional information security concepts to the field, make a liar don't come, take not to walk, don't understand, don't change the, system availability, confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation.

specifically, first of all, should have an access control policy, only authorized users can access the system, to get the data received instructions;second, even if in will never stolen data;in addition, unauthorized users to manipulate data, the data is encrypted, a liar is not take decryption;and finally, the system should have the necessary log, make illegal access user traces in the inside, effectively preserve evidence.

parents choose smart watches pay attention to the problem of

all in all, intelligent children watch is essentially an auxiliary security tool, is also a smart devices.we in the use of such high-tech products provide convenient services for young children at the same time, also want to active prevention by smart watches misused breeding new security issues.

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