cherry, cherry private custom keyboard is launched: money let you follow one's inclinations

at the end of june, 2017, cherry has launched"cherry sharing peripherals platform"and keyboard private ordering service.on january 1, 2018, cherry private custom service has been officially launched, cherry"private custom keyboard"business can customize keyboard for each user design, logo, color arrangement and so on, more prominent personalized.

cherry said the shaft body mix build, from inside the keyboard to keyboard and keyboard personalization, all parts can be in"cherry keyboard private tailored"custom options, create their own keyboard.

from custom website, including key cap color, shaft, the keyboard can be custom color, it is worth mentioning that keys and keyboard background support to add custom images.

the left side of the page, real-time display custom keyboard price, to a keyboard sprayed is about four yuan.that is to say, as long as you have money, you can follow one's inclinations to all key cap spray the color you like.

private custom website:click here to access

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