apple macbook, border concept design: adopt touch screen

to many apple fans surprise, in addition to the x, the technology giant's other products did not use almost no screen design of the frame.maybe in the future, we will see the apple on the laptop, tablet, and even the imac use design without borders.

but before that, let's look at an without borders macbook concept.this laptop computer is by designer aurelien salomon, it will be the iphone and macbook integrated with two kinds of apple products and experiences.

in the concept on the macbook, desktops and mobile end boundary is fuzzy, the results we see is a very fine, thin the macbook, it has a very narrow border of the screen.

the concept of macbook screen looks like a rectangle with rounded corners, it reminds us of an apple just released the iphone x cell phone.

it is worth mentioning that the macbook is not using his touch bar touch bar, because the product of the whole show support touch screen operation.

not only that, the concept macbook running macos systems also have some changes, it adopted some similar ios 11 design and methods, but also maintain the clean, simple interface.

here, sliding gestures will be crucial, because it's a touch screen macbook.this form of user interaction is not yet appeared in the apple macbook actual product line.

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