nvidia god knife method!gtxg exposure: internet cafes for born to eat chicken

nvidia in the gpu is the most impressive research and development ability, not only such, nvidia"magic knife method"also often make people relish.remember when the gtx 1080 ti and gtx1070ti part of information disclosure, the performance of most consumers is shock and disbelief,"cut this video card also can do this?

but when the two graphics from online information exposure to the reality, it is believed that a fact that only you can't think of graphics cutting method, no nvidia graphics card can't cut it out.

this time, nvidia refreshed the people understanding of the art of using saber, again according to po#plate, nvidia will next month launch gtx1060 5 g new product, the reason is that many mainland internet cafes feedback said originally gtx 1060 3 g playing popular"jedi lore:battle royale"there will be a critical phenomenon destabilize frames of video memory.and tencent agent dress next month will take line"chicken", is expected there will be many more mainland consumers go to internet cafes"chicken".according to market feedback, nvidia is conveniently introduced gtx 1060 5 g version.

what need reminds is reported that the new products specifically for internet cafes and si industry customers, only do the work package, are not allowed to sell to distributors, so it is possible that consumers want to buy only through universal a treasure.

new card specifications is unknown, speculation and p2000 specification is consistent, namely 1024 stream processors, and a 160-bit wide, performance and the gtx 1060 6 g is very close.

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