memory rate gbps: micron finish gddr design start production next year

recently, micron technology on the blog officially have finished gddr6 memory design and equipment certification, and said he planned to start mass production in the first half of 2018.

micron technology is the only video memory manufacturers, production gddr5x just mentioned gddr6 memory is based on gddr5x design manufactured, and gddr6 gddr5x met with very similar specifications, this also lets gddr6 progress by leaps and bounds.

with the development of technology, gddr6 memory speed can reach 16 gbps, and at first only 12/14/16 gddr5x gbps memory speed, this speed compared with gddr5, can say a lot faster, and still can go faster.

when it comes to gddr5, meguiar's said in the long term product line of gddr5, going to the"1 x dram technology on"to start the batch production of gddr5 memory, 8 g gddr6 is as a standard level of high-end graphics cards, entry-level graphics or continue to use the gddr5 memory.gddr6 launched another report says, gddr5 will enter recession, and memory can be used as a low cost video card price.

about gddr6 memory specifications, it said the new standards continue to made according to the memory to gddr5x, and is very similar with gddr5x specifications.gddr6 memory specifications will reach the density of 8 gb and 16 gb, 8 gb single with 2 gb of memory, while 16 gb can be doubled.

according to the speed, the first generation of gddr5x chip in the gtx 1080 memory speed is 10 gbps, and change the new gddr5x memory speed will be 11 gps.

we can look forward to the next year nvidia and amd's new series of high-end graphics cards, the author is looking forward to the new series of nvidia, gddr6 of a new generation of high-end graphics cards, performance will be more.

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