ikbc publish new mute mechanical keyboard: cherry red shaft yuan

ikbc today officially announced:new mute mechanical keyboard.

new keyboard built-in mute cherry red axis, the official said, the shaft body internal tpe elastic component and two stages of acoustic noise reduction structure effectively reduce about 30% of the buttons.products with ikbc years of working experience, feel is linear light, at present the all-new ikbc mute mechanical keyboard is now on sale ikbc flagship store.

ikbc mute mechanical keyboard part c series, appearance design is still the continuation of the c family contracted style, used the pbt, keys, built-in steel plate, the bottom outlet for the three.

also divided into 87 and 104-key keyboard two specifications, the prices, the former 499 yuan, 549 yuan, with black and white and dichromatic optional, gifts to send wire pulling keys 1, 10 color keycap.

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