foreign media said nvidia graphics on volta new architecture designed for ai and performance did not help

nvidia released this year volta architecture, and launch tesla v100 and titan v, will also be launched for on-board version and is used to drive the px pegasus, according to foreign media news, however, because the architecture of the volta itself is deep learning and artificial intelligence demand planning, although also can be used to consumer, but the extra architecture for gpu graphics performance did not help, and at the same time although titan v is general consumer products, but compared with the previous titan series about$1000,$2999 of titan v, i'm afraid of, also is not the general consumer market can accept titan is a simplified version of the v is introduced for small laboratory ai accelerator, and high additional value products.

also because volta architecture design have too, think that foreign media news, nvidia will be in the product line, and as a subsequent gtx10 series won't be volta architecture, but another level of entertainment, architecture, a new design can be speculated that will remove the core architecture for the acceleration of deep learning core;as for the next generation of volta also will act as the ai and the accelerator of deep learning planning, at the same time the framework will not used in the consumer market.

foreign media news nvidia will be expected in 2018 individual gpu for consumer as well as the next generation of volta publishing activities, respectively, the next generation of volta is expected to be released at the san jose gtc conference in 2018, the consumption level of the gtx will be published in the special performance, in the gtc conference focused on the professional products and nvidia has always been the traditional;in addition, according to speculation, though 2018 semiconductor processes will be entering the 7 nm, but because of the reliability and technology maturity, nvidia may 12 nm in 2018 will still choose to manufacture new gpu.

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