encryption monetary hot but it doesn't follow the graphics chip manufacturers

beijing time on december 26, afternoon message, according to the wall street journal reported, although in the past 2017 years by the currency encryption currency gained incredible popularity, but played a key role in the market of chip makers still to wait.

in 2017 years, in the currency of the encryption strength make everyone excited, and spawned a new career:"miners".the miners used high-end computer for encryption currency, and complete the transaction, thus to reap rewards.how to get coins by mining and etheric fang encryption currency?is simply using the nvidia and amd company image processor work force.these chips are often referred to as the gpu, the gpu is usually carry in high-end pc game.

at first glance, encryption monetary dig behavior, for nvidia and amd has created a huge market.over the past two quarters, encryption monetary mining brought nvidia about$220 million in revenue, and the progress the company 5% of total sales.and according to amd ceo lisa sue(lisa su) forecast, at the company's sales growth of 23% this year, mining graphics brought the company a single-digit growth, about$500 million in revenue to amd.

but both companies are not filling in the encryption monetary mining market, their reason is simple:poor encryption monetary stability.a little change of current technology, it is possible to encrypt a huge impact on the economic value of currency.morgan stanley analyst joseph moore(joseph moore) said that over the next two years, some network upgrading, such as ethernet network of the whole block reward from five etheric dropped to 3, can cause significant impact to the miners.he even believes that in 2018 the etheric fang mining graphics card sales could fall by 50%.

however, there are 26 kinds of on the market at present market value of more than$1 billion of encryption.but only a year ago, only coins and etheric lane of the market value of more than this number.rbc capital of mitch firth straw(mitch steves) pointed out that the encrypted in the currency, a variety of currency depends on the gpu to dig.although encryption currency predictability is very poor, but they are more likely to survive.the monetary returns for those who want to take an examination of encryption, it might be a good news.

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