intel's new generation of laptop u exposure: performance as desktop ik

what perhaps influenced by ryzen sharp dragon processors amd, intel shortens the time seven generations of the core and eight generation of the core platform, and the launch of in low voltage version of the laptop(architecture in essence is still the skylake) level, desktop coffe lake, now for high-performance version of the laptop cpu hq i7-8720-z screenshots also exposed on the internet.

this i7-8720-hq also follow up the mobile end, every pick up 6 core, 12 threads, basic frequency at 2.4 ghz and can boost to 3.6 ghz, it is finally up to 9 mb l3 cache size as to single core performance about column in 370, more than the core is 2414 points, the performance level has pushed the desktop i7-6700 k.

is now expected to pick up the intel laptops on the 8th generation of highly efficient processors will be launched in q1 2018, and i7-6700 k for the game how to force the author must also need not say more, believe that this time intel mobile low voltage version of processor performance heavily promoted, many players overall performance will be comparable to the mainstream notebook computer desktop pc.

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