xboxone kingdom version of the game disc on sale immediately with monopoly

, microsoft announced today that the first batch of xbox one kingdom edition blu-ray games will be held on december 1.

the first shelf of the game, including the xbox exclusive one masterpiece"the ultimate racing 5", and"sport","the zoo tycoon","lehman legend","stunt bikes:fusion".in addition also has many domestic game developers are aiming at xbox one game.

the player can through 37 cities of the country's authorized retail channels to buy xbox cd-rom version game, at the same time also can be purchased through online channels.

blackstone also revealed that is perfect video service.from best vision video service in the xbox one legal channels online edition, as of the date of all on october 17, 2014(17) on the day before buying the xbox one legal channels version and activate the user successfully, will get six months of blockbuster free diamond membership service.after october 17, 2014, to the best of vision before online video service, for every purchase of xbox one kingdom version and successfully activated users, will be free for 3 months of blockbuster diamond membership service.

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