purple light released the first domestic ddr memory?the truth is collapse

at the end of 2017, the memory chip market looking back over the past year, most everyone regrets or ddr4 prices-8 gb memory from last year, more than 200 pieces of more than 900, rose to the highest mark-up unacceptably three or four times, although ssd hard disk or not so exaggerated, but it has more than doubled compared to before the price increases, so that many people still can choose 120 gb of capacity.

this round of flash memory, memory prices the cause of the imbalance between supply and demand in the market, but the root cause is a memory chip market monopoly in samsung, sk hynix, meguiar's, one of the few foreign companies such as toshiba, no say in this field in china, price increases and we only bear the cost share to others.so if you want to reverse the memory, flash memory market price trend, only domestic firms are also involved in the market, increasing the pressure of competition.the past weekend seems there is good news, some netizens revealed purple light production of ddr4 memory, a single 4 gb, agitation time, as if to let a person see the hope of memory big price cuts, but the truth is cruel, it is not only a old news, actually violet light is not capable of producing ddr4 memory now.

these days have a netizen posted a never seen before of memory-this is a seemingly unusual green pcb no ma3 jia3 memory chips, 4 gb capacity, what do you think are nothing special, but the above logo is unilc, this is the core company's logo, the purple lights, and the core is the subsidiary of purple light group, the purple lights, which owns xian, shenzhen state micro, purple light purple light countries core genesis and other companies.according to the website, the"purple light core is purple light group, the semiconductor industry listed company, focused on integrated circuit chip design development, adhere to prudent management, continuous innovation, opening up and cooperation, is the nation's leading integrated circuit chip design and systems integration solutions provider.", so the picture soon spread on the internet, be violet light successful build ddr4 evidence of memory chips, more media, the media claimed that this is the first independent research and development in our country the ddr4 memory.

if domestic ddr4 memory is developed, which is definitely a good thing, but this fact did not pass a few days will be punctured the lies, first of all, this is not the ddr4 memory, but the 4 gb ddr3 memory, slightly above the fuzzy tags such as pc3-12800 is ddr3-1600 memory frequency, cl11-11-11 of temporal ddr3-1600 standard.second, even ddr3 memory, this is actually not purple light technology, xi 'an, purple light company originally infineon technologies as the core in xi 'an in 2003 set up by the storage department, infineon split the storage department was established in 2006 qimonda company, xi 'an qimonda company also independent operation, in 2009 is the wave of domestic group purchase, the company into a core company, xi 'an china 2015 purple light core acquired xian hua core, established the core company of xi 'an purple light countries now.

so, infineon, earlier this memory is actually a product of the era of qimonda, violet and purple light at present did not produce the core ddr4 memory ability and technology.in purple light company's planning, they two years is the most important task of wuhan yangtze river storage technology, main products are 3 d nand flash memory rather than dram memory, after all, the yangtze river to store the predecessor of the wuhan new core technology earlier work with spansion nand flash memory, there are some flash memory technology accumulation, and dram memory is basically a blank.

but sooner or later, domestic companies will also enter the dram memory chip market, purple light group wuhan base is the second phase of planning the dram memory factories, and other manufacturers, such as hefei long xin, experiences of fujian group is the main attack dram memory technology, respectively, with the former japan will reach company personnel, and taiwan is umc companies such as cooperation, but dram memory particles than nand flash memory more difficult, this process may be a long time.

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