review the diy market: mining and crazy time eat chickens make graphics market

no matter a rice or n rice, this year the most injured is the game players, dig the unexpected demand stirred the graphics card market, led to a large number of popular video card out of stock, in turn, increases, and the game players missing to follow this approach under stirred, and their risk is not just a premium to buy video card, and second-hand ore card back into graphics problems of the market, not only can dig the miners to make money, but also can sell second-hand ore card monthly bleeding, improve the yield of mining, but mining high load for a long time to use after this quality also be affected, becomes a big problem, after-sales maintenance.this situation changed rules also drove the upstream manufacturers, mining or prohibit graphics, or directly introduced warranty only three months of special card, and manufacturers such as jingdong also changed return for mining rules, graphics card no longer support 7 days unconditional return.

it can be said that the graphics card manufacturer in 2017 met the gpu, mining and let them live a happy life, this also worries about the video card can't sell this year, at the beginning of the first three quarters will achieve the intended target, worry about is how can you have more supply of goods, the most afraid of too much inventory before are now having the most eager expectation, i don't know what the situation is the cry or the smile.

graphics card annual review of the most passion:eat chicken pop with high fire, eat chicken tonight?

digital currency such as coins and actually met this year china's policy on further, so nearly years gpu mining market crash again, the currency and the etheric, z currency prices collapsed, a lot of people on the launch of the mining market, so the supply of graphics card is better.but this year's luck is really too good, graphics card market gpu mining hasn't completely fever, have a game to save the video card market again, even no exaggeration to say the game is to save the whole of the hardware industry, to benefit not only the graphics, as well as processors, memory, motherboard, display, keyboard, and chassis, power supply, almost any product to produce some relations with it.

this game you should have guessed, is"jedi lore:battle royale", you say is most often eat chicken game, a"prosperous, tonight to eat chicken"around the great river north and south, this game is on sale for more than half a year, however, the steam platform has global sales of more than 25 million copies of chinese players accounted for close to half, influence almost into the streets, and friends were talking about is how to eat chicken, webcast is talking about it media, gaming websites and eat chicken.

chicken game using the ue4 engine, the hardware requirement is very high, the blue hole is not big developers, developers to eat chicken quality and optimization are not top of the game, in the past must be spray slag was optimized by discerning player, but the problem is not only not become its weakness, which stimulates the development of the game hardware instead, 1080 p smoothly needs at least the threshold of the gtx 1060 did not stop the enthusiasm of the players, the people who want to play games are installed, upgrade, high-end hardware, often even before 8000 to eat chicken hosts are not fresh, before a group of people was poking fun at intel toothpaste.hardware upgrade no power?

now eat chicken is not just a simple game, it is the available hardware vendors understand a truth, not consumers have no money, is not without its upgrade of power, are not appeared on the market let they pay good product, as long as on the right path, consumers upgrade power is very the whole country with emphasis on consumption upgrade, diy players, too, they are willing to pay for it, if these products really impressed by them.

the most subversive of video card annual review:intel, amd once again together, love that kill for dealing with the nvidia?

a lot of people thought that intel is the world's highest share gpu company, because they buy"send"nuclear show cpu, this makes intel has more than 70% of the world's gpu share-but don't gamers who put the intel nuclear seriously, you send is not willing to, play games or amd, nvidia alone.that makes intel is very embarrassing, as the largest share of the gpu makers have no voice in the gpu market, can only look at amd, nvidia sing two errenzhuan, add might not fight the landlord.

intel is not without shame-awareness then yong enlightenment, a few years ago is still in pushing high-performance nuclear show, even at the cost of higher gt3e with edram cache/gt4e nuclear, and use a separate iris/iris pro(chinese name is called the cutting torch) brand to push, the nucleus of the gpu unit scale show is much bigger than a conventional processor nuclear, coupled with high bandwidth of the cache, the measured performance can also with some showing a wag of the wrist, it is no wonder that intel satisfied under declared their nuclear alone is worth one thousand yuan level significantly.trifecta, intel found that the cache of the high-end nuclear too embarrassed, an additional 128 mb or 128 mb cache edram cost is very high, and improves the chip complexity, but talk to the audience, and oem is not willing to use, but also can't afford to use.

this is intel have what way?iris high-end nuclear show it was already dead, intel are now don't push.since otherwise doesn't work, that is looking for foreign aid, these two years have been rumours that intel will use the amd processor gpu technology building, the two sides back and forth rumours that many times, a face of serious says it is not possible, amd also cooperate to say won't put our gpu technology to the competition, the results shortly before intel initiative announced with amd's relationship, the two sides will work together on the high performance gpus core for intel processors amd.want to know what amd and intel last cooperation or not before being bought ati era, earlier cooperation is for intel x86 processors amd the spare tire, the two sides for more than 40 years of dealing mostly in phase kill rather than love, unexpectedly together now.

according to intel announced details of the cooperation is also very special, intel reported earlier emib chip packaging technology, can put the different ip core encapsulated into a single processor, you can interpret this as a kind of glue multicore, but it is essentially the nuclear advanced a lot more than regular glue and different chip can be encapsulated by 2.5 d stack together, like amd hbm memory to the core.the advantage is amd can provide intel gpu core directly, do not need to put our technical secrets to intel, while intel gained true high-performance gpu core, make up their own missing link.

amd, intel announced the next day, intel announced the gpu technology amd before daniel, director of rtg raja koduri joined intel vice president and chief architect, director of the new core/visual computing business department, considering the reality, intel dug the gpu technology and not to say that quickly into consumer gpu market, they have to do is aimed at developing the ai market for a rainy day, but it also represents a intel formally entered the city of high performance gpu market now, the future one day see intel is also showing a don't be surprised.

summary:2017 graphics crazy time

plain graphics into the water market in the last year, 2017, graphics card market is crazy, really unexpected gpu mining stirred the graphics card market, snatching the original graphics card that is needed to walk around the market reversed into a bull market, the graphics card once in short supply, the price is rising, which makes the amd even failed to in high-end graphics market turn this year, but at least don't worry about sales, lose face, but keep the interests of it.big chicken heat after mining, and further intensify the high-end graphics card acceptance, to eat chicken not hesitate heavy gold of gtx 1080 gtx 1080 even ti's graphics card players.near the end of the year, the news of the amd and intel together again rocked the players, there are such operations?but see how much the market has no permanent enemies and friends say, after all, our education the ancients away-the world trend, close long will points, long period of division.

years ago read confucius about"a"the dead ruth, people didn't realize the time always goes by so fast, now in four days, will leave us 2017, 2018 is just around the corner.for the new year, we should fill the anticipation, and soon the past years, people also should review, review the past, with history as a mirror can be replaced, the first thing we want to say today is the graphics card market in 2017, originally expected-very low graphics market completely crazy this year, mining, in the first half of the second half of the chicken for high-end graphics fire, amd, nvidia and intel's"love triangle"also had the new change, amd and intel to cooperate on the graphics card again again after all these years.

in the pc industry, the graphics card is probably number more than just the cpu second"quiet"in the field of market, the latter only amd and intel production, sale, in addition to amd, nvidia graphics card market has left dozens of vendors every aib, aic, but all of the most common graphics card brand, head all can count is the two core vendors with a dozen having stirred the hundreds of thousands of gamers life in 2017.for the two leading manufacturers as well as more than a dozen little brother, plus eyeing up next to intel, this year's graphics card market we summarize several-most disappointed, the most crazy, passion, and the most subversive.

the most disappointed of video card annual review:nvidia to continue dominating the high-end market, amd got off on the wrong foot the vega

when it comes to graphics card market, the first thing to say is to amd and nvidia, and the basic situation we all know, amd gpu competitiveness is not enough, since radeon hd r300 series mid-range graphics card still can gain some advantage on price, but in market grapples with high-end graphics, nvidia from kepler architecture began to win strong, follow-up in maxwell and today's pascal architecture graphics support, continue to tackle from amd don't have much of a share of the gpu, deficit when the biggest nvidia fill up the whole showing a 80% market share, in more than 3000+and high-end graphics cards market monopoly advantage more, amd briefly fell below 20%, showing a share after recovered some ground on 14 nm polaris graphics, but in q3 2017 quarter back into decline.

amd why was put this year?root or out on the graphics card products, in the first half of the new radeon hd 500 rx series, nominally, the new card is actually 14 nm polaris ma3 jia3 improved version of the graphics, architecture, process and performance did not change obviously, amd improves the rx 580 graphics core frequency, enrich the rx 500 product line layout, launched the rx 560, rx 550 completion product line.can't say rx series 500, there has been no change, but these small refinements enough to impress the markets, besides rx 580 video card price tag still rose(after all memory grain prices serious) this year, all of this leads to the amd new card less attractive.

but compared with the rx series 500, a rice producer, even all the players really disappointed or the root causes of amd blockbuster rx series for vega, vega's highly anticipated new architecture since the 2016's graphics eventually sold on the market in august this year to open, one year late, was unveiled in the rx vega graphics bring players is hide their disappointment, although amd leveling up vega 64, air-cooled water-cooled editions of vega and air-cooled version of vega 56, 64 against nvidia gtx 1080 ti, gtx 1080, gtx 1080 graphics, but this is not a good start, water-cooled rx vega 64 price comparisons to gtx 1080 ti, but performance is not as good as, power consumption is much higher.

amd's side have hit a wall, in the high-end graphics market but nvidia side like a duck to water-launched in march 1080 gtx ti graphics card, replacing the status of the gtx 1080 graphics, which reduce the price at the same time, reshape the high-end product line.then introduced after all the titan x(pascal) flagship graphics, with the price of us$1200/$1200 harvest a wave of faith player.rolled out the gtx 1070 ti again in the second half, nvidia graphics card, although gp104 core unit and castrated part gddr5x memory, also restricted frequency, but the gtx 1070 ti graphics performance with gtx 1080 just about 5%, price is cheap, at least 500 dollars.

what do you think this is over?no, nvidia suddenly released in december volta architecture of titan v graphics, 12 nm gv100 architecture, 5120 core cuda, 12 gb hbm2 ram, 110 tflops ai performance, cost up to$2999, double core version of the selling price than the same titan z graphics, the difference is that titan z unpopular, titan v is unmatched in the world now attitude, give me the who.

throughout 2017, amd shock defeat in high-end graphics market make a lot of a rice saddened, even rational n rice welcomed the nvidia graphics card market continue to dominant style has always been a strong nvidia control the market is not good for consumers, vendors(in turn a card dominance is not a good thing).but this year the market situation is not bad, for amd, nvidia graphics card for ever is often limited by the pc market and the situation of the decline in sales, revenue does not appear, amd, nvidia met this year years don't meet a good chance, regardless of the graphics card good or bad(the level) is in the game, both sides are not sold well this year, a lot of graphics card manufacturer in q3 quarter even the full-year target, instead of worry about now is how to have more supply of gpu chip, their new year's day this year to a few money hand cramps.

the craziest of video card annual review:the gpu to dig the resurgence, game players left the bullet

the above said to let the graphics card manufacturer's new year's day with a smile opportunities is dig, four or five years ago when the currency began to pop, using graphics to dig the currency is trend at that time, it also led to the graphics card market inverse city erupted for the first time, but after the emergence of the asic mill as well as the domestic and foreign policy, the gpu digging up the coins without economic interests, dig for a market crash, the currency also fell into silence.coins once again broke out in 2017, however, in the year to now the currency to rise more than 15 times, although this month the currency prices tumbled several times, and even dipped below$10000, but the market expected has been very good, more than 2018 prices are expected to rise to$20000, the play is the heart.

arguably the graphics card has no possible of digging up the coins, so the currency rose with the gpu mining have what relation?the truth is in the currency share mode, in 2017 the etheric, zec currency price is rising, from early after all has become the people of an emerging digital currency, including the etheric currency rose more than 50 times this year, more than the currency malicious-in this case, the gpu to dig the resurgence, if you don't participate in the mining, feels like to miss a few million.

in the first half of 2017 the most crazy video card market is mining, due to the etheric, z currency has not special mill, gpu mining is the mainstream, so video card suddenly became a beacon, by this time also need not tube amd graphics card game performance is washed-up, instead, benefit from the hash mining performance is good, amd graphics has become one of the most popular mining graphics card, so in the first half of the rx 580, rx 570, rx 480, rx 470 graphics into hard currency, originally priced at more than 1000, more than 2000 video card selling price soared, rx 580 graphics briefly approached$4000 mark, even if it is still in short supply, jingdong on once can be gone in an instant by shop goods, many owners and even to idle fish search used graphics cards, graphics card, many sellers said bought last year selling second-hand not only didn't lose this year, instead of making a few hundred dollars, this kind of situation in the past who dare to believe?

it is not just amd graphics by miners, foreman, nvidia graphics cards this year also had a good day, z currency use efficiency of n cards to dig better, plus the nvidia pascal architecture graphics efficiency is higher, so the income is good also, so that the gtx 1060, gtx 1070 graphics was the miners to buy goods, for a time during the first half of n cards and all kinds of out of stock, nuts gtx 1060 graphics to more than 3000 pieces.

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