the core?!intel xeonphi series new processor box to a few more

intel in the product information website intel ano, released the xeon phi processor x 205, manycore processor of relevant information, it is said that the release date is in the fourth quarter of 2017.this release will be a modified version of knights landing, announced by the cpu pins and 2016 xeon phi, same xvlclga 3647 stitches, using 14 nm process.

for the sake of application scenarios, n, n-d-x, ept and virtual instruction set is not joining in support, but this time the new avx 512, avx 512_4 fmaps, avx 512_4 vnni, avx 512_ vppcntdq instruction set, etc.

in intel xeon phi processor processors, there will be three models:7295 to 72 core, the frequency of 1.5~ 1.6 ghz, 36 mb l3 cache, tdp320w, 7285 for 68 core, the frequency of 1.3~ 1.4 ghz, 34 mb l3 cache, tdp250w, 7235 to 64 the core, the frequency of 1.3~ 1.4 ghz, l3 cache 32 mb, tdp250w;unified use ddr4 memory specifications.

by the way, before 7295, the highest frequency and generation of 7290 f 100 hz less, but in the aspect of tdp increase 60 w.

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