global minimum phone came only a coin so small this time

in the early years, mobile phone manufacturer in the theme of the thickness of the fuselage design.

elongated fuselage expanding machine in space, in the interface, cut 3.5 mm audio port, and highlight the camera, these are all manufacturers used techniques.that was advancing step by step, a mobile phone to evolution to the present like this.

of course, the current smart phone can also on the thickness.although the"full screen"is designed to enhance utilization rate of the fuselage, slows the bigger of the fuselage.but one thing is unchanged, the screen will be as growing demand for the use, if now to compress the volume, for users and the market are not very realistic.

so if you want to play the volume compression on the mobile phone in this area, so had to retire already a long time of"function"laid hands on him.

recently, the design team clubit new media limited launched a global minimum phone zanco tiny t1.this phone is only a coin, a freshman diu diu.

according to slashgear, zanco tiny t1 fuselage design is very simple, traditional function machine button configuration plus a tiny 0.49-inch screen is filled with the bottom of the fuselage comes with a microusb interface, the interface is basically occupied most of the space at the bottom, here you can know how small the phone.

in addition to the volume, zanco tiny t1 weight also is very is only 13 g, that is, than a pair of airpods(only 4 g).the size and weight on the pocket inside, can also be lost also don't know.

now that is a small machine, the zanco tiny t1 with things can only use a small's only 200 mah battery, sim card specifications and nano sim, the operation of the fuselage is only 32 mb memory and storage space, can store 300 calls and 50 text messages.this configuration, basically can also be regarded as"unearthed relics"level.

zanco tiny t1 is retained the most basic function, it can only support 2 g network instant message and phone call.retain the white bottom key on the keyboard backlighting, so although can make sure that you will also be able to see clearly in the night the keys, but want to be in such a small keyboard dial, is also a trouble, i'm slashgear says, you may want to use a similar card needle stick to press to press

all in this way, can you don't expect in the 0.49 inch oled screen chat sms messages.

in addition, zanco tiny t1 small fuselage for horn is also on the phone, voice also may not be able to pass through a microphone.after all, the body may also hold noise microphone, certainly no headphones and bluetooth connectivity.while talking on the phone in the surrounding environment under the idea, maybe also with not too loud.

so, it seems, zanco tiny t1 is really just a machine for small, small, it can bring you only the minimum volume of sensory impact.but you are want to nostalgia play function machine, the volume is not so convenient to use, it is better to buy a nokia.

but it is undeniable that the ultimate design also can only appear on the's smart phones or computers, to do so small in fact also very unrealistic.

although, some concepts are able to compress the smartphone into a bracelet, the size of the display screen by projection.although this method have enough sense of the future, but the projection problems as well as the life, can keep up with the fuselage processing capabilities, this is what designers need to and asustek computer also has a micro computer and"calculation"this kind of concept, to be able to do personal computers small enough.but it must be connected to the display device to use this is a limit.

there is no denying the fact that these can all be the design direction of the future.but to truly implement, need some time.

back zanco tiny t1 on this topic, the birth of this little machine is the embodiment of the design strength.they also on kickstarter to get the support of 708 in may next year is expected to deliver goods, then will be able to see how it looks in the experience of small mobile phone.

the premise is that the team must make good packaging design.not such a small volume, lost in the process of transporting is really easy.

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