gb version of the gtx graphics was revealed on shipped to: cost price is lower than rmb

nvidia for internet cafes market especially the jedi survival game hot specially launch gtx 1060 5 gb video card before exposure, and now the graphics of the specific delivery time have been exposed, it is reported the first video card will begin shipping on january 10th, the market for internet cafe, cost will be less than 1600 yuan.

new card specifications is unknown, speculation and p2000 specification is consistent, namely 1024 stream processors, and a 160-bit wide, performance and the gtx 1060 6 g is very close, for ordinary consumers, it is difficult to find a 5 gb version under the normal channels of gtx 1060 graphics, because this kind of video card for internet cafe channel, does not provide to the consumer.given the gtx 1060 6 gb card price in 2000 yuan or so, if you want to such a place such as a video card can only find taobao to buy.

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