overhauling amd samsung overtook: intel dynasty end?

in the past, intel's rivals have been amd, but amd downturn also let intel for a long time in the position of the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers to sit for 25 years, but 30 years hedong, someone stand out sanctions against intel, the samsung seem to want to do the role.yesterday brought the news that samsung semiconductor revenue has exceeded the intel.

the message from the japanese media, statistics show that samsung semiconductor in the first three quarters of this year's total revenue of 53.13 trillion won($49.2 billion), reached a staggering 46% year-on-year growth, it also makes the samsung semiconductor beyond intel, the other party in the first three quarters of revenue of$45.7 billion, but only 6% year-on-year growth.

as for the reasons behind, in addition to samsung own mobile chips, the semiconductor foundry business and memory chip business is more important to soar, in 2017 the price turned over several times, 3 d nand flash memory price is always high, even the samsung therefore suffered an antitrust investigation.and oem business, qualcomm xiao dragon series hot that intel also envy.

although intel also have ability to manufacture its own chips, oem business, but after does not open until this year grovelling and tsmc, samsung and other manufacturers competition, but not get big customer orders, went through the directory only found a piece of news spreadtrum sc9861g-ia chip, the eight nuclear x86 processor uses the intel 14 nm process.however, according to foreign media reports, intel is best for the future of apple.a series of oem orders, because since the iphone 7, apple and intel have carried out cooperation in baseband.

why intel so anxious to expand new business?reason is that living before pc chip has become more and more difficult, first of all, the pc market has almost stopped growing even began to shrink, and the memory chip in 2018 began to enter into the state of oversupply(signal will reduce the price), intel business not enough variety defects have been highlighted.

at the same time has a tenacious amd in the pc market, this year ryzen series let intel frighten a butt sitting on the toothpaste, but it is said that next year's ryzen 2 representative is more outstanding, amd has also announced it would cooperate and qualcomm.between scylla and charybdis, you said intel care don't care?

but intel on chip process is much better than samsung and tsmc, 14 nm process can achieve the competition 10 nm, so although their x86 chips are arm serious impact, but the future in the foundry and storage market is promising, depends how intel back!!!!

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