set sail again: linux journal linuxjournal is about to stop publishing funded

recently, linux journal linux journal in the website issued a new statement.they said in a statement, the journal will not shut down, and have more energy than ever before.thanks to the reader, a private internet access service provider to save in london.the service provider is also freenode network and enthusiastic supporter of the use of foss communities.linux journal said in a statement that they not only save the ship, but to let it set sail once again, and to make it bigger and the end of the statement, thank you again for readers support over the years.

linux journal is a book about the linux kernel and based on its operating system, the magazine was founded in 1994.the publication of the final print version is august 2011 issue of the 208th issue.from 209 began in september 2011, the magazine only digital edition.on december 1, 2017 linux journal announced that due to the funds run out, unable to pay wages to employees, will stop.however, in the january 1, 2018, it said through a private internet access service provider to obtain the funding.

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