millet small love classmate memorabilia: cumulative awakened one hundred million times

, summed up the 2017 memorabilia.memorabilia, on august 10, 2017 small love classmate officially open beta registration, break through 1000000, total 21 hours open beta reservation 24 hours to reach 1064770 people to make an appointment.

memorabilia also noted, 2017 year, little love classmate ai skills training program included 672559, accumulative total control intelligent device number 303508, the cumulative play songs 296.98 million, cumulative awakened 200 million times.

small love classmate is millet company released on july 26, 2017, the first artificial intelligence(ai) speakers wake up words and secondary yuan character, speakers price 299 yuan, in august 2017 will open beta, on september 26, the formal sale.

as a wake up, little love classmate has become synonymous with millet ai speakers, as long as the user to the speakers speak"a little love classmate"words can awaken voice communication with speakers, complete a variety of preset skills.

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