hammer nuts pro start price reduction activities: the highest drop yuan also send shell to send headphones

recently, hammer's official website for the nut pro discount promotions.one of the biggest strength is 128 g version, the original price 2299, now sells for 1799 yuan.and upgrade, after the official will give accessories kit:headphones, cases and toughened membrane.at present all sorts of color capacity version basically in a state of in stock.

nuts pro using 1080 p display, a 5.5-inch carrying xiao dragon 625/626 processor, 3/4+32/64/128 gb gb of ram rom, pre-16 million megapixel camera and double 13 million pixels rear camera, the battery capacity is 3500 mah, 18 w qc3.0 support quick charge, support double card double stay full netcom.the product will also fully support face unlock.

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