face million dollar lawsuit in tort dispute services

according to science and technology media techcrunch reported on january 3, 2018(beijing time) for a long time, streaming music provider services often because of the music copyright dispute with other company;and recently, wixen music publishing company also put forward for services relating to the$1.6 billion lawsuit.

the lawsuit formally proposed on december 29, 2017, claims that the company infringed wixen copyright music publishing company, clear charges services without permission to use the latter thousands of songs.wixen music publishing company hope to get at least$1.6 billion in damages.

in an application to the court, wixen said,"you didn't get enough the new authorization, through the use of music publisher and composer of the music works, billions of dollars in profit."wixen thinks, although company made a deal with major record labels, the recording products related to copyright;but that does not involve the work itself.

wixen also claims that the company"intentionally and repeatedly"transcribes the songs through the internet to users in california.in the previous case, the company admitted that he didn't get the necessary permits, to duplication or distribution on its platform music works.

company won a tencent holdings at the end of 2017.

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