in disappear assist in tianjin: complaints point relatively concentrated time express delivery service is refers to get mail

on january 3, tianjin city disappear assist recently released 2017 complaints analysis situation, the whole city disappear assist system receives consumer advisory 6805 person-time, accept consumer complaints 1651, completed in 1567, mediation banjielv 95%, economic losses of more than 3.72 million yuan, for consumers to consumers get double compensation of 80000 yuan.

analysis depending on the type of goods and services according to the complaint, 2017 complaints of goods and services, household electronic appliances, clothing shoes and hats, food, household goods, living social service number of complaints in the top five, together accounting for 59.78% of the total complaints.

according to the nature of goods and services according to the complaint analysis, product quality, contract, after-sales service, safety, and false advertising problem in the top five, a combined 70.99% of the total complaints.among them, the complaints regarding quality problems in 643 in the first place, still account for 38.95% of the total complaints.

tianjin city disappear assist says, household electronic appliances, 2017 complaints of than quantity is big, complaints are:after-sales maintenance technology is not high, commodity repeated maintenance;after-sales service obligations"3 packets"shuffle;merchants can not provide accessories, affect the normal use consumer.

in addition, the express service complaints point relatively concentrated.tianjin city disappear assist, according to the express service complaints focused on express"mail", express mail delays.and did not fulfil the terms of the contract, express delivery enterprise valuation, reminded the inform obligation, and the place where user dissatisfaction.

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