she was crazy copy last!why god level browser opera difficult into the mainstream

for a long time, the market performance of the opera has not been so good

why will become like this?make the function of leading industry, won the user's media good word of mouth, two big advantages overlap together, was supposed to bring amazing installations, dreamlike market performance as if within reach...opera has always been, however, is only a less popular niche browser, why like this?

the opera was not killed off the last sex, there are many reasons, the following is to short some.

first of all, opera's business model is not conducive to large-scale previous versions, opera was once a paid software, if you don't give money, it can play advertising-although this practice in software commonplace, but in the face of nothing rivals of advertising trace, it will be better than the gap.until after 2005, opera 8.5, advertising is removed completely, but at that time also comes at a time of opera innovation period, and support the extension, the limelight than firefox, slightly less than product force.

opera is one of the main business model for other product customization web browsing, such as wiiu and also opera custom browser

opera another profit model is authorized to fact, a lot of equipment browsers are customised version of opera, such as the nintendo ds and wii console, the meizu m8 browser, etc., opera also for adobe creative cloud to customize the rendering engine.and rival chains such as operating system, through the search engine promotion methods compared, opera's business model can be seen as tinkering around the edges, basically hard in ordinary users.

second, opera rendering engine compatible performance is not good.the opera is presto rendering engine, this is a very interesting engine.presto rendering is done so, it will first read the web page's overall framework, and then gradually add text, images, and other elements in the framework of the corresponding position according to gradually.this advantage is that, the content of the text and readable can be presented to the user, for you open the web page, don't need to wait for text will appear first, then the elements such as pictures, video, will slowly fill in the corresponding position, full-time web page layout will not be upset.while other browsers render a web page, may be let you waiting for a period of time with a blank, then the"brush"on the entire page is out.

has its own basic layout engine browser to the five big, opera presto engine is very distinctive

although the speed of the presto rendering the entire page is not necessarily faster than other browsers, but it does allow the user to read the first time useful content.but there may also be due to the presto this mechanism, its running result is not very ideal, at least not run slasher chrome.surface, it seems, the speed of the opera seems plain, but the actual curative effect with the people all said yes.but a lot of people to evaluate a product, often can only see the surface, not run by chrome gave the opera to eat a lot of dark deficient.

on the other hand, although the opera is a w3c standard active promoter, and presto is compatible with quite well on web standards, but in actual use, often can produce some strange page fault.naturally, this is the web page is not follow the standard.why the web did not follow standard?natural to throw away, ie pan for compatibility with old, ie many web pages have to use some nonstandard elements;and the chrome pan is to throw off, despite the chrome has been claimed to promote standardization of web, but it has been induced front-end developer to do logo"-its-"such a thing, presto compatible for google's web quite unfriendly.opera is no influence of microsoft, google, although presto engine is to behave, but don't hold in play this move.

presto rendering errors in google and other web sites, it lost a lot of, the opera has to switch to the same blink and chrome engine, presto has become the history.progress in the engine after the opera compatibility, but lost his biggest characteristic.

in the end, the opera chaos product line also let a person a headache.opera how much a product?light android platform is enough to show you dazzled.the image below from netizens share, everyone can feel it.

these products are released opera, not the difference between the new and old, each has a separate update history, are you scared?


there is no doubt that the opera browser is a very good, but the success of a browser, not only depends on the product, also depends on who's behind it by system is bound to succeed, firefox is used to be a member of the google's senior general, chrome is to control the flow of most desktop and mobile, while the opera invented the necessary functions of modern browsers, but it can always is the mainstream.

recently, and there is a opera fans are news:opera name, this is no longer called"opera software", but the name was changed to"otello", further and opera browser.

"otello"is one of the four great tragedies of shakespeare, and opera"tragedy", it can be traced back to 2016, the opera browser by sex, by the parent company of opera software sold to china kunlun ten thousand d and 360-yes, it is known that a dedicated a lot of products for business, but i, a person plaint unceasingly.

the opera browser has been 360 acquisition, before the parent company also changed its name to a"tragedy"

for the opera browser, most people impression of it may be vague, many users know only a mobile version of this browser flow compression, it has become the provincial traffic speed in the era of symbian black science and technology.opera, in fact, used mostly will give high praise, doubly appreciated for its technology, but as a few user has always preferred.small and powerful opera, and thus in some users get the title of"protoss browser".why one's reputation as a browser will end up being bought?today let's talk about this together, is considered by many to be artifact niche products.

opera:function to lead the industry was crazy copy

why opera is known as"the protoss browser"?actually a big part of the reason, maybe it is the browser and the die-hard group with high cold temperament, to some extent.the high cold come from?niche of the market share of"cold", while the opera of leading the industry characteristics, is a"high".yes, opera in the led industry, indeed it invented a and functions essential to a modern browser, but were almost all rivals copying, this just to name a few.pieces

tag page

this is a no matter in chrome, ie, edge, firefox features can be multiple web pages in a browser, all these web pages via the tab"tab to switch", seems to have is the design of the course.if you recall the experience of online, however, it is not difficult to find that in fact this design actually is not a standard in the early days of the browser.ie6, for example, opening a new page will pop up a new window, web page open after more than a total let you regret why not hold his hand.

tag page browsing originated in the opera, now basically is the standard browser

however, this saved the web browsing experience design, not by the hand of giants such as google, the design of opera artist, it in opera 3.5 was released in 1998, the first tab browsing capabilities.then, the design by other browsers have reference, the general public did not know this is the opera saved everybody's internet experience.

mixer speed dial

this is a used to design now.what do you mean speed dial?if you open a browser and in most cases can be found above browser home page is founder lists some of the commonly used web thumbnail, click on the can access the corresponding website.the design at first glance seems there's nothing worth say, just show some websites, but actually the design omit the process of input url or open favorites, greatly improve the efficiency of the use of the browser.just that this design is too common speed dial, familiar have forgotten it.

speed dial interface from the opera, are widely used in chrome, firefox and edge

this design looks simple, but it is also need before-at least in the opera of the implementation of the imagination, there is not a browser using this design, after various browsers open rendering is either"home page", or simply is a blank.opera 9.2 speed dial feature first introduced in 2007, opera internal are confident, i believe the design will become the standard of modern browsers.fruit is not out of its course, now almost all browsers used a similar design, no one knows is, however, opera invented it.pieces

mouse gestures

this is a popular features, travel and other domestic browser on the function of the popular.are not widely used before in mouse gestures, you how many will feel a browser restrictive operation, whether want to close, refresh, forward backward, have to click the small button corresponds to one by one.with mouse gestures, that's great, use the mouse to draw a pattern browser will realize the corresponding function.does the browser or browser extensions support mouse gestures, even has become the standard of many users choose the browser-edge is ignored, the cannot be achieved and the mouse gestures have some relations.

opera invented the mouse gestures, became the most important thing a lot of domestic browser

this design make the internet more flowing, and from the hand of the opera.mouse gestures debut in 2001, opera 5.1, then the design is increasingly popular, by domestic browser is introduced into the domestic, be known to people.despite the widespread popularity of function, it don't let the opera to the masses, opera for others to be forgotten again.

mixer flow compression

if you have been like to use mobile internet in the era of symbian, so you must have heard of the opera the age of 2 g, symbian or java mobile phone, opera mini is many people's first choice, because its flow compression function.opera mini is the original web cache first to your own server, then the data compression and and recomposition, then push to the the traffic and speeds are stretched 2 g era, the flow of the opera compression can greatly improve the online experience.

opera mini and ucweb is popular in the era of 2 g flow compression"

however, although the technology is first created by opera, but also no longer is the opera's exclusive soon.a large number of browsers introduces the function of flux compression, such as the familiar uc browser, chrome recently also joined the similar technology.compared with other innovation function, flow compression or relatively well-known opera, but it is not for the opera to win market share.other pieces

in addition to the above mentioned features, the opera has a lots of lead the industry innovation, for example, it integrates the search box in the browser for the first time, provides the page zoom function for the first time, or the first support the skin replacement;and it is the first support css browser, for example, is a leading member w3c to promote the development of it.opera there is no doubt that the development of the industry for many times, but unfortunately the opera which was never blossom a bright and at the same time, it is light but let other browsers more yi yi is unripe brightness.

why opera is always difficult into the mainstream?

from the point of impact on the industry, the opera if not obvious, is also a big the market, however, the opera is always only a poor share, whether such a veteran, ie or firefox, chrome these newcomers, on share easily exceed its opera.that someone quipped, opera never be copied, have been beyond the.

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