china unicom sign strategic cooperation agreement with the oriental pearl tower: the family entertainment application popularization

just, china unicom officially announced that january 3, 2018, china unicom and the oriental pearl tower new media co., ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the"oriental pearl") in beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement.the signing of the strategic agreement marks the two sides will go into deeper business cooperation and further realize the resource integration and cross-industry cooperation, to give full play to their respective content and product advantages, promote the family entertainment application, and enhance the core competitiveness is of great significance.

according to the agreement, china unicom and the oriental pearl tower will be in line with"resource complementary advantage, in all aid, mutual cooperation and benefit sharing"principle, to establish long-term and close strategic partnership, fully explore and use of the advantages of resources, both in their respective areas on the basis of consolidating existing business cooperation, to further expand new areas of business cooperation.

the official said, the two sides will focus on the development of iptv and mobile video products, home internet business innovation, channels and brand promotion, product integration sales of content and so on comprehensive in-depth cooperation.

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