alipay, credit sesame to apologize: see bill check the silly x agreement by default

began yesterday morning, pay treasure to formally announced each person's annual bills, its detailed lists each pay treasure user spends much money last year, netizens have regret"chop hand"after see too much.

specific viewing, poking the visit

in fact before view their own data, the user authorization interface can see a line of small print,"i agree"sesame service agreement", not only a very small word, but also have to help you choose good"agree".

according to online experience, the bills to view and sesame service agreement no relevance, so you choose to cancel the agreed, still can see the annual bill.but if you didn't notice, you will agree to this agreement directly, allowed to pay treasure to collect your information included in the third party to save information.

for credit sesame so chicken"thief"approach, pay treasure to last night's credit sesame official issued"about see pay treasure in the bill"be agreed< sesame service agreement>"the case", the description of credit sesame admit that this matter do wrong, original intention is to respect the user's right to know the original yes but with the way the very silly x, stupid.

this agreement in the login page has been canceled check by default.

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