new year's speech outbreak: hearing luo zhenyu xiao-bo wu were more anxious

on new year's speech will be discussed once a year.every year there are pros and cons of sound, there will be conflicts.incoming is more this year, but it seems to discuss lively degree is no longer as before, even, even less in opposition.

qin hua(a pseudonym) more anxiety, after hearing luo zhenyu after new year's speech.

4 hours speech, luo zhenyu share the 6 anxiety, and anxiety for the six on the answer to 6, 6 imagination, but the answer is not belong to everyone, everyone must to find a way out for themselves, which make them hard to avoid in 2018 the first day of anxiety.

this is luo zhenyu new year's speech in the third year of friends of the time.look, the audience seems to be new year's speech was a little disappointed, on douban, friends of the time of the new year's speech score already in 2015 from 8.4 in 2015 to 8.1 points to 7.1 in 2017.but that didn't stop the tv, enthusiastic, from only luo zhenyu new year's speech on the network, xiao-bo wu year-end show, to luo zhenyu cooperate with shenzhen satellite tv, and then to the incoming of this year, zhejiang tv and guangdong tv, knowledge across different years is becoming the tv in new program.why are the tv incoming?and their audience and from the increase of knowledge carnival get?

"time friend"douban score

knowledge across years outbreak

and some fans have to pay for it early-99 tickets for 40000 rmb 20 years combo and 18 years of rmb 36000 set meal online is empty, this year the venue can accommodate 10000 people, 680 yuan after the 5 layer stand area, before 980 yuan 5 layers stand area, 2080 yuan of layer 2 stands and 3580 dollar diamond tickets already finished sales.

"friend"2017 new year's speech fares

this knowledge across greater business opportunities is the sponsor, from years of partners, bmw, vivo, product family, to be soft on implant well quickly, and so on products, the four hours of speech is a great product meeting with the company.

but for tv, may be more temptation ratings and the shaping of the brand.around 2016 new year's speech to 23:00, luo zhenyu took office, he told the audience of all audience, shenzhen satellite tv broadcast ratings times friends first.was invited to go to the new year's hero mutual entertainment, founder and ceo should be book ridge in the last year told sina science and technology, said this is the deepest impression in the entire speech."carry the popular content on the internet to tv, impact on the traditional tv industry is so big, oneself did not think of one thing."

in a line of satellite tv of zhejiang satellite tv will also choose knowledge across the year on december 31, on this night, luo zhenyu get app bad-himalayan teamed up with zhejiang tv made a thought across the years, invited xu, gao xiaosong, xiao-bo wu, zhang zhaozhong and 20 young group members as a speaker, extract the annual keywords are discussed.and zhejiang tv new year invited many entertainment stars concert will choose in addition to 30 night, and jointly play a"leading party leading, the thought"brand slogan.

"for shenzhen satellite tv, this is a 'corner overtaking' or 'asymmetric blow, please throw money compared to the traditional big tv star, make special effects and the feast of the party, the shenzhen satellite tv are small and pure and fresh the party.for rom(zhen yu) is also a good thing, since the childhood all jumped to the public platform, and the ratings."an audience.

small cost and ratings

but will look from ratings, these speeches across years is not too surprising achievements this year.according to nielsen snatched mtam ratings to sina science and technology to provide exclusive massive amounts of sample data, on the whole, still remains the most popular traditional dancing singing class party, a line of tv performance are good, local advantages.

made analysis, according to nielsen cities for tv and program viewing properties is not the same, on the whole, 31 viewing performance is the best, like nanjing will be partial to dragon tv audience and jiangsu tv, watch party will also be cut back and forth stage, the evening rush hour about 22:30 on dragon tv, viewers overall preference is obvious.around for speech class party, the acceptance of the audience is not the same.

regional influence, nanjing, hangzhou area for zhejiang tv"thought across 2018"high ratings, nanjing is 0.82, hangzhou 2, 2.05.but even in this province two speech class party of guangzhou, the highest ratings still is the hunan tv's"happy chinese new year 2018 concert","2018 new year's concert"of jiangsu tv, zhejiang tv late 30 leading 2018 concert, compared these song and dance party to break 1 or 2 ratings, speech class party ratings usually hovered below zero 4-zhejiang satellite tv ratings in the southern province of guangdong""2018 ideas across at 0.37, guangdong tv ratings 0.34 better next year, the shenzhen satellite tv luo zhenyu times friends new year's speech was 0.14.

however, nielsen snatched told sina science and technology analysis, the party program has been very mature, the new type can break through the fixed to pick up habits and performance ratings are still valuable."certainly luo zhenyu of the emergence of the new year's speech has certain exceptions, is his personal cash flow, this type of program development and the promotion difficulty is very high, also difficult to replicate."

for tv is to choose, first of all, it is a relatively low cost option, second, from the brand shaping, compared to entertainment public party knowledge across years, finance festival sounds are advanced, which content is often on the network and is transmitted in the second, it is to show the guest and host need."speech class party is a kind of trend, its ratings level is somewhere between a line between tv and second-line tv, presents a new form and have a good performance or let a person look good."nelson snatched aspects said.

a anxiety in the new year

in wuzhijian opinion, some of the big v at the new year's speech party is in the"information dissemination entertainment"has done a successful example."in this sense, luo zhenyu new year's speech, and guo degang crosstalk, feng xiaogang's new year movie is similar, are able to let everybody relax entertainment products.luo zhenyu genius, is clever improved pretend bility of entertainment."

"show is the premise of performance.performing artists to fat.xiao-bo wu is right there in black and white written expression, luo zhenyu/oral english;so look at the site, you'll remember, fat a lot of gold, but didn't remember xiao-bo wu jin.from the perspective of text, xiaobo more overall;but on video transmission effect is not good fat."another watch new year's speech the audience will also be the party as a performance, rather than knowledge.

after three years, imitators and successors have, but the disappointment is also not uncommon, someone will be summed up as the speech+advertising, the combination of leaming, some say, in the third year, the speech changed again.a luo zhenyu fans in luo zhenyu under the microblog comments on the new year's speech said,"look for three consecutive years the time of friends, a lot of people said the logic thinking is useless chicken soup.but for me, a video, an article, even if 80% of its content is nonsense, only 20% can give me inspiration, i would also like to spend time to read, to read.but to be honest, this year's friends of the time i'm a little disappointed."

"when it is facing tens of millions of audience, have already decided on his content only to chicken soup.and harmless."zhihu user peng shuangquan think, speak a lot of information, not to explain these phenomena, the underlying logic.the public after received a large number of information will produce an illusion, information overload can lead to cognitive conceit.within a year of time to understand a concept, can be used for a lifetime.a night to learn a lot of concepts, only when the next month.and this will let the audience in a committed an epiphany and harvest of excitement, but in fact, the harvest is not much, and an anxiety.

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