foreign media a review of the four great inventions of new china: micro believe the worshipped bicycle, etc

when we said china's four great inventions, most people's first reaction is the ancient chinese compass, papermaking, gunpowder and printing.but with the rise of the age of mobile, do you know the"four great inventions"in china today?new zealand foreign media recently run, talked about the new"four great inventions"of china.

their evaluation standard is based on the following three reasons:

    made in china design

    rich people's daily life

    with the trend of globalization


wechat is the world's first social network, with the media attribute provides a since the media ecosystem, make china's mass media industry more powerful, more a short period of time, wechat since the media has disrupted existing traditional media in china.

wi-fi sharing

wi-fi sharing has become the current mobile information age the necessary infrastructure, will share internet economy into reality.through a more convenient way of free internet access, wi-fi sharing capacity for the entire internet industry added more users.wi-fi sharing, moreover, the average time spent on the internet has increased the users, create new business value for the internet industry.

other technology giants began to seem to realize the importance and potential of wi-fi 2017, facebook added"wifi-wifi function, it can display free use wi-fi maps, help people to find the nearest wi-fi also launched a cheap radio program, dubbed project fi enables users to switch between the mobile network and wi-fi.

the worship bicycle

since mobike launch bicycle sharing service only spent a year's time has won more than 100 million daily active users(dau).today, china has become the world's biggest traffic share market, occupy the 67% of global market share, share the bike etc have proved successful.all over the world, including the united states government and singapore and other countries welcomed china's mobike and with ofo:to enter their market.

shared cycling use of mobile payment and mobile phone to unlock, solve the key problems of the traditional bicycle locks, bicycle available everywhere.1 dollar is low cost, make the pattern may continue to operate.


alibaba's alipay mobile code is a creative solution, let china slowly into the society without cash.

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