drops announced acquisition of brazil share travel enterprises

drops travel officially announced today, 99 acquisition of brazil's largest local shared travel enterprises.the investment will further deepen cooperation drops and 99 for the local consumers to provide more travel choice.

drops travel, founder and ceo chengwei, said:"99 and founder of the team's success in brazil, show the region of entrepreneur spirit and innovation ability.we have established fully trust and 99 in the cooperation, the deep integration of the two teams to further help travel service industry in brazil and latin america."

in january 2017, drops to 99 investment to establish strategic partnership.in the future, both teams will continue through the intelligent transportation technology service in the local market, to provide customers with more convenient mobile travel service.

the acquisition is also drops the internationalization strategic upgrade a key step.after the drops have partnerships with global travel seven enterprises.drops are actively seeking in a more flexible way, the artificial intelligent transportation technology and wisdom city solution is introduced into a broader global market.

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