new front end really it is hard to find a job?look here

from 2014 to 2014, the"front end engineers"and"java engineer"heat rising, the"front end engineers"in 2016 and 2016, basically reached the same level of the heat and appears in the march 1, 2017.

but it is important to note that the peak does not mean that the position of saturation, the recruitment website, all kinds of the front there are still a lot of vacancies.

demand does not tend to be saturated, why still competitive?analysis pointed out that the reason is that the change of the technical environment, lead to enterprise have a higher request for the front-end talent quality, so there might be such a phenomenon:100 front-end engineer for 10 positions, and enterprise in 10 people each of them has n offer in hand.

the front end of the high quality will always be welcomed by companies, and instead of employment population is difficult to find matching low requirement of the post-2016, 20000 in the guangdong province alone front students graduated from the school of social training, but the employment is grim.

2014-2017"front-end engineer"and"java engineer"baidu index bring

this is representative, based the front end of the poor students, there is no such jobs?let's take a look at the bright prospects, but the fierce competition in 2018, the company needs to what kind of front end engineer:

the basic knowledge and firm, not just satisfied with framework

with the engineering thinking of"problem solving", instead of mechanized packing statement

specification rigorous habit code management, can quickly into the big companies and orderly teamwork

depth understanding of user experience, understand the performance optimization

there are multiple follow era of actual combat experience

a lot of people into the row choose self-study, could master the theoretical knowledge, but there is no molding project experience, practice easily stuck on a problem, when in fact if there is a great god with you, the problem will soon be able to solve easily.

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what is a front-end engineer next degree?

the front-end engineers next degree programs is by tencent classroom with imweb team to develop learning certification program.course tutor, experts and the code reviewer comes from a line of internet companies such as bat.

how long does it take to finish course?

suggest students into at least 10 to 15 hours a week to learn, if calculated at this time, students can usually be in 4 to 6 weeks to complete the foundation courses, in eight to 12 weeks to complete the advanced courses, in three to four months to complete the full course.

can into tencent attended this course?

for the purpose of this course, is want to tencent line engineer experience, lets the student standing on their shoulders to become a better under the front end engineer.with the strength of classmate, tencent will be preferred.

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