miit: mobile phone app account cancellation is required to provide services

there are internet users, according to the chinese government network message by merchants to promote their mobile phone app now, all kinds of publicity, many users found not your need, almost can't use or don't want to use, want to leave their account cancellation, remove certain registration information, only to find that cannot be cancelled.account forever in unwanted app, worried later leaked personal user data, especially those who need the system, telephone, e-mail authentication app.hope to have some rules for all users to cancel their accounts, remove all kinds of personal data in the app.

this morning, weibo, chinese news releases to respond to this matter.

the ministry said in response, the network security law of the people's republic of china stipulated in article 43,"personal discovery network operators violate the provisions of the laws, administrative regulations or the collection and use of their personal information, has the right to require network operators to delete their personal information;found that their personal information collection, storage, network operators have the wrong, be corrected shall have the right to require the network operators.network operators shall adopt measures to remove or correct."

in addition, the telecom and internet users' personal information protection sets"(the ministry of industry and information ministry make 24) model of the fourth paragraph 9:"the telecommunication business operators, internet information service provider the user after termination of use of telecom service or internet information services, should stop to users' personal information collection and use, and to provide users with cancellation number or account service."

it seems user after cancellation will no longer use the account will be more convenient.

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