sogou input method of the forbidden city series skin look online: take you enjoy the forbidden city

at the end of 2017, the year comes, sogou input method in combination with the national palace museum launch a series of skin and facial in content of interest, and do not break elegant and cultural thick, give users in 2018 the first new year's eve dinner.

"the wrong figure"in the"no fault", is sprouting of encyclopedia of marine life

sogou input method of skin and facial expressions from the sea wrong figure in selecting material, ancient paintings of marine plants and animals to move, not only retain the original painting antediluvian gu yun, more add embryonic state.

"the wrong figure"sogou input method series expression of skin is new show of the sea wrong figure, interesting ocean atlas and mass of the commonly used input method together, don't know the sea wrong figure is difficult, can't use this kind of lovely and has the connotation of skin face are difficult!

"the emperor's day"through and does not contradict science

with the cctv broadcast dad"national treasure", emperor qianlong half a day of fire.everybody poking fun at qianlong"rural"aesthetic, while for the historic imperial growth is full of interest, aesthetic haven't dry, after all, small four grandfather and father"crack".don't worry, a dry cleaning door little lion with you walk into the emperor's day.

as a"guest"little lion sogou input method is how to introduce you to the qing dynasty emperor from chen spent!the user experience fun palace culture at the same time, also can input the key words to"tease"guide little lion, such as input,"yao yao da"as for specific what can see, also need you to download sogou input method"the emperor's day"series of face skin to unlock!

"auspicious"forbidden city god beast is not high on long, and they will be by your side

"how many days and nights, i stood alone on the golden glazed tile, lonely at the top, who can understand..."theory is a forbidden city benevolent live into your computer and cell phone is a kind of feeling?if the god beast will only show moe funny?now call them, can always accompany with you daily joy.

this is not imagination, this is the reality, sogou input method in collaboration with the national palace museum, forbidden city"auspicious"series expression of the skin.forbidden city auspicious collective into your mobile computer, absolutely let you glow"honeydew"charm in the bucket diagram.

science combined with fun and daily with cultural relics, sogou input method and the cooperation is not the general of the national palace a daily necessary software, sogou input method broke through their own, pay attention to improve the quality of technology, and stick to the current"traditional culture heat"and"national treasure", popularization and magnificent treasure traditional culture, recreation, make the user experience cultural feast of fun.

if you are lovers of the traditional culture, if you are interested in the mystery of the forbidden city and the gorgeous, quick to download sogou input method of the forbidden city series theme skin expression.more wonderful waiting for you to explore!

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