mediatek and tide: who is the light of domestic mobile phone just now being two vendor selection

"mediatek pk qualcomm,"the term originated in the meizu and millet contrast between the old cp.meizu mx4 and millet 4 race between two domestic handset, is also the mt6595 of mediatek"real"eight nuclear and qualcomm xiao dragon competition between that time, mt6595 this processor fame, mediatek"high-end dream"seems to have a good harvest.

(meizu mx4, photo source:phonearena)

however, mediatek"high-end dream"that it is not long...

although mt6595 xiao dragon 801 over the same period in respect of processing performance slightly advantage, in the subsequent x10, x20 update mediatek also through different methods to improve product performance, but the gpu graphics capability, communication baseband is still a weak mediatek processor, which greatly influenced the smartphone entertainment performance and comprehensive experience, let mediatek processor directly on the high-end smartphone market status of shaken.

(htc m9+, photo source:cnet)

the same helio x10 processors, used in the firm's flagship can sell for 4000 yuan.on the meizu can sell 1500 yuan;use on the red rice can sell one hundred yuan.such a large price difference, let a person of mediatek processor location of surprise.

try to ask, you will be willing to spend 4000 yuan 4000 yuan to buy a machine are in use with the processor's flagship mobile phone?

more worse, as qualcomm strategy gradually expand, mediatek mid-range processor is faced with the threat of being addition, the processor technology update not in time(10 nm process chip online slower), integrated experience poor(fever, serious energy consumption), also let mediatek in smartphones, high-end markets in processor"dilemma"awkward situation.

even today, mediatek's helio x30(2017) with the same period of competing goods qualcomm xiao dragon 835, samsung exynos 8895, kirin 970, apple a11 still have obvious difference in the comprehensive carry helio x30 smartphones, with only the meizu pro 7 series and the beautiful v6, the level compares mediatek at the peak of ten years ago, let a person feel sorry.

the current situation and future of the mediatek

so after waterloo in high-end processors, mediatek knows how to change the status quo?obviously they are not stupid, is certainly know, it's just a slower reaction.

(photo source:androidauthority)

in mediatek media year-end party held in late 2017, the general manager chen guang zhou, said mediatek helio p series processor on the main developing side, new processors to ai artificial intelligence technology and face recognition technology, and bring more advanced technological process.mediatek to helio x series processors for the r&d; will be suspended for a period of time.

(mediatek general manager chen guang zhou, photo source:technews)

the confidence of the general manager chen is not no basis, in fact, mediatek in midrange smartphones still occupy a certain market share, while the share by qualcomm in 2017 cut a lot.

(call the mobile phone market in africa, the photo source:interface)

in the african market occupy the position of sales champion of tecno(sound), mobile phone in the domestic reputation are not high, but its sales in africa as the oppo, vivo, such as giant brand, is worthy of the name"the king of africa".

and the success of tecno also without mediatek processor, in the domestic media to spread the sound technology zhuzhaojiang chairman in an interview, he said:

100% tecno phones are using mediatek chips, mediatek chairman mr tsai also often and i met to do marketing communication, mr tsai to master the direction of product ability is very strong, has also been attaches great importance to product competitiveness, and give us a lot of help.

(photo source:asia news network)

mediatek good relations of cooperation, with tecno believe that in the next few years will continue.however, the"king of africa"alone must fail to restore mediatek sales in the mid-market, product promotion is also very important.

in recent period of time, mediatek's new processor helio p40 and helio p70 were exposed one after another.look from online exposure of the chart, the two could be released in q2 2018 new processor has a higher configuration, support for ai, etc., compared with the past has a significant boost in the parameter.

(network exposure helio p40/p70 parameters, the photo source:sina)

2017 years, was established in 2018, mediatek"roll over"one year, this year is particularly important for in the mid-market, at the same time, facing the challenge of qualcomm, mediatek can also return to former glory?we might as well be seen together.

about mediatek(mediatek) or the mtk this two names, comes to believe that the first time they had launched a helio x20 processor, p10, x10 these present, the global r&d; and manufacturing mobile processor chip companies a total of five, respectively is qualcomm, apple in the united states, south korea's samsung, haisi and mediatek in our country.

(photo source:zinggadget)

but even so, most manufacturers have not to their own research and development of chips sold to third parties, only used in their latest addition to samsung once sell the exynos 5430 small quantity to meizu, currently able to processor chip manufacturing and exports, leaves qualcomm and mediatek two.

(qualcomm xiao dragon 835 processor, photo source:pcmag)

in qualcomm"expensive"(average cost price is higher than mediatek chips more than 50%), apple, samsung and kirin"alone"(apple a series, samsung exynos, kirin processors were used in the research and development of equipment) in contrast, mediatek chips because of its low price has become the main domestic low and mid-range smartphones.

however, as the smartphone market gradually saturated, low and mid-range smartphones have lost"just need to"market position, and focused on low-and the shape of the market in 2017, mediatek chips also seems to be not optimistic.

(photo source:youtube)

although mediatek in 2017 that has brought the helio x30"rescue", but eventually because of various reasons failed to let the company is easy to doubt, from prosperity to decline, mediatek in this years is how came up?

was the dawn of the domestic mobile phone development

to say mediatek chips in the history of world, will take started in 2003.

in 2003,"shanzhai"began to appear in the mobile phone market, mediatek as the only mobile processor chip manufacturing technology of domestic manufacturers to launch the first mobile phone solutions, to become a lot of"shanzhai"manufacturer of choice.and the name"mtk"also gradually began to appear in all kinds of"eight horn","card standby more"shanzhai phones.

(counterfeit nokia mobile phones)

the emergence of mtk platform, let the domestic mobile phone found in the development of dawn, even it's influence on the early chinese phone is profound.that mention mtk, people can not help but think of"shanzhai","kb".

in shenzhen huaqiang north of the mobile phone market, shanzhai and mtk platform quickly occupied the domestic mobile phone market later years, in addition to running java, symbian platform of mobile phone on the market, and uses the mtk platform for mobile phone.

(huaqiang north a mobile phone, photo source:surging news)

how strong shanzhai phones at the time of the demand, the surging news in an article about the huaqiang north of the mobile phone market has strong north towards a businessman hongqin interview:

then function machine is too single, is nothing more than nokia can change the color of the back cover, from the clamshell mobile phones to slide, carrying the carl zeiss lenses.but these is not enough demand for young people's mentality, expensive brand function machine.

young people like the shanzhai phones with dye-in-the-wood individual character, three cards and stay cool modelling.there may be a team, is specially modified mobile phone, but the brand is that time in huaqiang north, you what things, i can better soon.must be better than hello, i'm launching market.

(built-in"seven system switch"shanzhai phones)

but behind these shanzhai phones, mtk platform, which is in the future for mediatek's development has laid a solid foundation and capital.and the rapid development in the domestic mobile phone industry after several years, mtk platform and derivatives are gradually applied in domestic brands of equipment, until today.

it is worth mentioning that the waveguide, tianyu, changhong, tcl, the old have been mtk platform for domestic manufacturers of carrying equipment vendors(mobile phone).

(using mediatek processor gionee s10)

a summary article in the new york times in 2013, has many industry executives, media of mediatek and mtk platform for the evaluation of praise.

ten years before the development of domestic handset, is undoubtedly mediatek's heyday.

qualcomm xiao, samsung exynos, kirin dragon chip rise, mediatek lost high-end chip market

blink until 2011, smartphone has become the mainstream, shanzhai, functional machine to exit the market gradually, and mediatek also began to transition from platform solutions to mobile processors in the manufacturing industry, in late 2011 to launch the mt6573 is mediatek's first smartphone processors.

in the subsequent updates, mediatek tightly rolled out mt6575(february 2012), the dual-core mt6577(june 2012), four nuclear mt6589(december 2012), etc., purchasing vendors still is a domestic brand in the majority.

however, in the mobile processor power and more than a mediatek.qualcomm, samsung also introduced respectively over the same period"s xiao dragon"and"4"exynos series processor, which is the familiar samsung orion 2013, mobile processor industry present a"three pillars"of the situation, mtk gone are the monopoly situation of the domestic market.

obviously, whether it is from the brand, strategy to chip manufacturing technology, qualcomm and samsung is undoubtedly mediatek's strong compared to the two foreign manufacturers, mediatek a what kind of way to go?in the high-end market.

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