stopping technology: descend scholar and miss you teach you vc affair

, often brush it's home, you may see from time to time a company"financing", a company to"listed"xxx"listed", according to people familiar with so-and-so industry is a"bubble", although you may not in entrepreneurship, but also feel these things actually is closely related with us, but for the industry such as the"public","hedge"noun, sometimes think don't know much, and don't want to read those crude boring professional interpretation.fortunately, there's a biological, called"god", their studies, erudite and informed, to be able to deep hard things with the most free from present, there is a great god explains what is"vc"on the internet, what is the"public"and so on, also using the classical chinese novel idiomatic descend scholar met miss everyone, deduce a period of"vc"affair.

let's take a look at the great god is how to explain:

in ancient times there is a miss, met a poor scholar shelter attends beijing descend, found his very talented, and pulled out some silver, and the ass, miss the next day, 55 send scholar:"the gentleman if high school mo negative concubine."go after scholar swear.miss let the maid record on the scholar's name, the girl said:"this is 1-50 scholar!"the young lady said:"can't, there is always a will really get into.

-2016 best novel"vc"

scholar to miss extremely to write down the name of the sighs:this is the one hundredth.

-2016 best novel"financing"

scholar the presence of the lad asked scholar, childe, since you left home three years ago, now already slept for more than ninety women, we went to beijing to and fro on the road, don't won't go to the place?scholar a:place great is not for the money and the woman?both spoony woman for more than ninety, with test?

best novel"bubble"-2016

scholar took out a brochure counted from body, sighs:"this is the one hundredth miss ah.body not line, silver also buy field building enough, go home!"

-2016 best novel"fraud"

after march, is a scholar jinshi ad 43, no.high school, if not's sex, come to marry, at the moment, a chaplet and official robes, music is played, a splendid riches and honour.returning august 25th scholar examination, mothering, dropping in to xiapin, two scholar at odds, disturb, miss seeing things, hence hang oneself on himself, since the southeast branch.after locked the centralizer, made no lady, a bit for the grace of the lord, in the back garden to build a pavilion, named vc, meet the first fifteen altar three columns, lamentation unceasingly!

-2016 best novel"shell"


beijing scholar after took the silver one over ten of extremely to city casino pressure on themselves did not.

--"hedge"of the 2016 best novel

scholar was the princess, from exam-oriented, recruit the xu directly.

--"listed"of the 2016 best novel

scholar called xu, unable to deliver on the promises of for more than ninety women before, the early stage of the investment of more than ninety women will lose everything, all lost.

--"p2p"of the 2016 best novel

the extremely pure and bondmaids, open all wechat group, introduce miss each other on a regular basis and scholar, through the internet platform to accelerate development.

-2016 best novel"ones convex of original sin"

learned scholar, miss know upfront investment has been wiped out, one by one attends beijing drum voice grievances.

--"human rights"of the 2016 best novel

in a mess, holy learned that after a great anger, hugh scholar, meridian gate beheaded.

best novel-2016","

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