god panasonicaskedtheboy: google translation fire again

, in all of the artificial intelligence translation service, you might think google translation is done better, but even so, still can make a joke, even some netizens came up with a variety of methods dally with google translate.recently, the social media in taiwan has a riff on fire, is the result of a"pen"google translation:panasonic asked the boy(panasonic ask boy).

according to encounter to the translation of his blogger, says he is not interested to flirt google translation, but some time ago to introduce foreign friends to chinese classical literature, there is little not the process of translation, and in the face of chinese classical poetry, the blogger don't know how to translate, so think of turning to try google translate.

not test well, try a joke came out, in the face of this poem"panasonic asked the boy,"google gives"panasonic asked the boy"this sentence translation, the blogger smile dizzy.and this is not enough, some netizens said, google translation also can show off a skill, is according to the different locations are suitable for the local context of translation, translation and japan region is"matsushita, asked the boy", matsushita is a direct translation of japanese"panasonic".

later users try to reverse in both english and chinese translation, google is translated into"panasonic asked the boy", everyone can feel.

view, artificial intelligence really replace human translation is still a long way to go.google translation make jokes after also have a lot of, all sorts of molesting work also can be a lot of people, however, it is believed, the recent burst of fire"panasonic asked the boy", perhaps it is because i have other, only let a person feel interesting.

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