stopping technology: take-away meals that day i received a box of the iphone

it's home recently, share a very interesting thing happen to, the net friend booked a delivery to himself, in order to improve their odds to combat game, specially ordered an expensive shrimp fried rice.

bring box or normal one

after receiving delivery open on see, unexpectedly is a box of apple iphone!murphy's winning?

although models are older, but iphone5s, after all, is a classic of the small screen machine order takeout send mobile phone, the delivery order, so it is very value.

as a net friend joy want to open the box touch your new instant dumbfounded, still as usual, this still is a box of eggs fried rice.

words stores this formula is too deep, but a box of fried rice do you want to use such a high-end lunch box stores.

ps:in fact this is a release of the iphone 5 s of the old photos, although it is old terrier, but could anyone seen, may share it, bo gentleman a smile.

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