upgrades are win playing mahjong apple touchbar play bad

october 30 news, apple conference on friday in the morning, the new macbook pro, in addition to upgrade specification, apple also start a new use of touch the bar design.

touch the bar has replaced the previous keyboard shortcuts in a bar, supports multi-touch and gestures, support personalized settings, can be used to adjust the size and the screen brightness, sound and quick compatible software function touch operation, support software in search, backward, labels, to establish a close and common operations such as switch.in short, apple macbook pro touch the bar is so powerful that is controlled by the thought that it would create a notebook of new way.

of course, as the conference is one of the few bright spots, touch the bar soon be imaginative netizens playing bad, such as the use of touch the bar to get updated windows 10, or even use it to play mahjong, etc...

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