jokes come true: picture perfect apple macbookpro maximum design defects

on november 2, last week, it's home town of science and technology channel in the when a user with the new macbook pro and walking into starbucks iphone7 mentioned, because iphone7 canceled a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a new macbook pro all adopt thunderbolt3 interface, this allows the user more than in some cases need tieline, on the use of experience is very bad.

believe that everyone in the above article has joked about, although it looks like a joke, it reflects the real objective came the following two pictures on the net, this year to apple products design defects show incisively and vividly.

bring you can see, when users need to connect to your brand new macbook pro iphone7, he will be necessary to use the two adapters.

bring about the same, in the use of the macbook pro to iphone7 charging at the same time want to use iphone7 listen to music, or use the wireless headphones, or add a connection.

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