stopping technology: a paper clip to identify true and false double speaker phone

this noon lunch break, a"good magic ah~","what is this?"voice to small make up i woke up from a between sleeping and waking, gather together the past small make up after i saw this scene:

a face of doubt, in the face of all small make up my mouth suddenly emerge a fan of smile, cleared his throat and said"you don't know the phone's speaker and the receiver has a permanent magnets inside?is sucked paper clip bai."

side a is a face of despise continue to ask,"who does not know this, why did you say something about magnets?"small make up i get caught off guard by the sudden inquiry, was speechless, bright red, the proud home of the it around friends sent a cheerful laughter.

know is know, response, and is also, have what good face right?!then came back to his small make up i set the location to start up the knowledge...

well, here is mainly by using the principle of the same between the poles, to place a piece of permanent magnets, and then by alternating current coil to produce alternating magnetic field, such as magnetic change constantly, will be rejected and attract, the coil itself also began to move up.again because the coil is fixed in the sound on the membranes of the basin or the sound, that sound and sound film with vibration, the vibration has a natural sound.

understand the basic principle, the clever use of small make up i suddenly thought of a paper clip, which is used to identify true and false double speakers, immediately after put up could easily distinguish which side is adornment hole, which side is the real speaker.small make up suddenly remind of myself to get the iphone for the first time, also think it is equipped with two speakers...

think of the above ideas small make up i excitedly stood up, rightfully to friends again and will be more magical process demonstrates once again and explained the basic principle of"magic, how about???!!!!!!!!!"

a friend after listening didn't say a word, just silently took the small make up in the hands of mobile phone, and then will be mute music volume increase, gather together to your ear...

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