it's home on new year's jokes summary: imagination fully open up even afraid of my own

2017 a day in the first article of the new year for the first time, push it for you on this way of new and old friends send greetings and sincere wishes for the new the end of the time,":today's new year's day 2017, happy new year!"article reviews are close to 700, thank you for your enthusiasm to participate in and the blessings of the home of the it.

or sharp or interesting or intelligent home of all kinds of jokes and it reviews the one big beautiful beautiful scenery line, in the above review, netizens also throws a big bob a wonderful new year's day, can let a person after read imaginative, call for so many years of the new year's day is white. we collect here, for everyone in crossing a joy, the following jokes in no particular order.finally, once again, happy new year to all netizens!

the assassin:

happy new year, thanks to all the friends, home of gratitude(16), all the way(17) together to forge ahead!

baby please turn|, laughing again a year:

there are 365 days will be across the years, recall the last time the new year, as if just, early to wish you all a happy 2018!


legs long call across the years, short legs called leap year

who_ know:

after january 1, all women can't wear a bra, meaning in the new year no omen;men don't wear a pair of drawers, predicted in the coming year not to suffer.remember to tell each other!dear wives pay attention!be decisive morning rip off her husband's pants fork, attached a few c-notes, please, ass mercilessly bite, then facing east, hands folded, muttered:2017, chew mao rich!chew mao rich!chew mao rich![rustic laughter][rustic laughter] i wish you all a happy new year's day~

the people wan zeen water river such as the life of me:

i goal is to get 2017 to 2016 the original arrangements completed in 2015, not for other, only cash i in 2014 to complete the 2013 annual plan of promise.

the pursuit of fashion technology:

2017 most looking forward to is the surface of phone listings, presumably surface purple tail is also very noble, she is not only mysterious but also gives a stimulus, is a kind of never had the stimulus, the legendary and mysterious veil will soon be solved, jing with purple will show in front of us, 2017:hello!surface phone hello!

in the update...

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