stopping technology: weibo international version of the ios version update bug fixes some development

it is well known that the programmer the industry pressure is bigger, so sometimes they will take some special way to relief for himself.

the most common way, should be in a hidden code or version update log joke, such as the music dried shrimp"poor force vip"events, as well as the contents of a software update in"repair the bug of flash back, also killed a programmer to worship".of course, we all know, it's just a joke.

a few days ago, the ios version of weibo v2.8.0 international version update, a similar content.ios version of weibo international edition v2.8.0 update log shows that the content of this update has two, one is iphones x, the other is solved some development of bugs and bug man...

look this joke and"kill the programmer to worship the same", a netizen:"work also has a high risk..."

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