stopping technology: lei jun and he fell in the water at the same time li who will save first?

today, baidu and huawei strategic cooperation conference held in beijing, officially announced that the two companies to reach a comprehensive strategic cooperation.after the signing ceremony, exchanged gifts, robin li and yu yu gave robin li, a 8999 yuan worth of mate 10 porsche design, give a book to yu and li"intelligent revolution".

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after the meeting, li in 2015 to participate in the cctv program"speak up"a conversation with the host sa beining is found out.when li was asked:"if mr ma, ma, liu, lei jun four men fell into the water, can only save one, who will you save?"li's answer is very interesting:"i'll save lei jun, mainly lei jun to send me a millet mobile phone recently."

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this time yu li also gave away a cell phone, netizens have every song words li:"who do you want to save this time?"

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