can't afford to buy apple airpods yuan?that the future can be more attention to the feet

, apple's conference in iphone7, iphone7 plus point mentioned"wireless"concept, the wireless accessories will become the trend of the times, and apple also introduced a special adaptation equipment of the wireless headset"airpods", unexpectedly is understandable, conference"airpods fire", not only because of its small bulk bore the price of 1288 yuan(the row), but also because airpods the appearance of the"original"design and the function of the revolutionary.the so-called"red is more people", the product also is same, netizens soon found airpods and iphone7/plus an important flaw:the combination of easy to lose.

airpods available to it's home to do jokes hand, small make up is not nonsense, directly to have a look at the home of the netizens are how to say:

netizen rainnysun tells the story of a north bleaching race for us quit her job self-made hard work, although a few words, but absolutely, set the suspense in the beginning, intermediate plot to surprise, ending infinite aftertaste letting a person, is a masterpiece of short stories, and tell us a profound truth:want to get rich, keep looking.

however, pick up the headset, after all, did not play out on the subway as the home of the it online largest specialty, so the netizen rainnysun the use of"internet+"thinking, to keep pace with the times, and is not a family of small make up every day:

with the idea of"to get rich, see road", the net friend surfaceman said very magnetic:

net friend falling cherry pick remnants have expressed their concern, later can't in the subway happily put x:

net friend fall candy pear friendship remind, than airpods lost iphone7/plus was the thief go go worse, please...

in addition to the family of a net friend, in fact about airpods easy to throw it, foreign net friend is fun, but the theory of talent, the home of all don't like net friend generally is deep"humorous"essence, but everyone can feel the:

bring airpods-is about to become presented.according to the highest item this year.

bring about i have to think of a way to invent a portable tool i airpods, such as a necklace.

bring i hope to have a"find airpods iphone7 function, so you are not afraid of the headset is missing(oh well, and the home of a net friend heart).

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