official disclosure: why so many people in the wechat from andorra

don't know if you have found such a phenomenon, a large part of people in the micro letter is from andorra, give a person a kind of andorra people to micro the illusion of the letter.the western europe country with a population of just 85000 and, in fact, andorra, even if the andorra people all use micro letter, it compared with micro letter 938 million users is a very small proportion.

micro letter sent interviewed the andorra"immigrants"

-hello?can talk about why you want to"immigrants"andorra?

-my micro letter area which is important to you?you love me or my area?

analysis:with the sister asked(ask ye, fully illustrates her think fill in which region is not important, just fill namely region, lateral foil gives her heart to her true secrecy consciousness in region.the last question, demonstrates the sister heart"if our relationship is ripe, you must also know that i'm not andorra people"idea.

-hello?can talk about why you want to"immigrants"andorra?

-what can i do for myself under the experience not to know, just know to ask...

analysis:send ye eyebrows a wrinkly wanted to think, ordered the register new accounts, the original choosing in andorra in first!slide down one by one, by contrast, watching, really tired ah~

summary:is three words two words-lazy, privacy!

this period of"scientific approach"to this end, let's see you next time!

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