the western zhou dynasty bronze relics into face of router: five strong antenna signal?

when it comes to wireless routers, which is more friend mouth wifi, i believe you won't feel strange.currently on the market mainstream router design employs a host connected to several antennas plugins, buy a put in the home so, life is harmonious.

a few days ago, a net friend, found in 1959, one of the western zhou dynasty unearthed in anhui tunxi ancient bronze in appearance looks like is very similar to the router, belong to the level of cultural relics, currently in anhui province museum.

as for the specific use of the bronze wares, the archeologists have been no better explanation, also do not have other archaeological data and documents to testify.

the netizens is imaginative,

    the signal good router or bronze material...

    this is the alpha version, there is a problem, the antenna is rotation, direction covered with dead space, then in the final at the back of the launch of the swivel.

    no wonder we don't get through the information, this is only five antenna, signal not clear!!

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