stopping technology: netease cloud annual listening to music is the most english listening guo

today, netease cloud music released 2017 annual report on your listening, according to this year, you have to listen to the songs of frequency, time, style and popular vocabulary has obvious characteristics of personal listening to the report, but after seeing netease cloud music of netizens report after screenshots, the author had to sigh, i was too young, too ordinary.

in addition to the normal listening, netease cloud music also has a rich and colorful audio content, it also led to the don't like experience of"listening".

english listening practice.every day to accompany in around guo degang crosstalk;joy doudizhu background music let me have a sense of ease;close your eyes and enjoy the music of grand, mood becomes surging...and often review classic news broadcast of the opening song of the red star song was exposed in the childhood, listen to the chapters in the ming dynasty those things"also is pretty good, a short video music and cattle ghost piece is very easy to single cycle...

in december, netease cloud music and days of entertainment media announced a strategic cooperation, netease cloud music has obtained day entertainment media owned by the whole quantity authorized music library, which contains brilliance, wei yu, chen's, bai ju outline tour, such as large chicken young-g day entertainment artists singing songs, and li yuchun, zhou bichang, tan weiwei, zhang jie and other singers singing songs during the period of days entertainment.

your netease cloud music listening to report 2017 is what?you can now to netease cloud music app page view.

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