someone with google assistant control cycling and going to ride a week to attend ces

to ces(international consumer electronics show) there are several bad way, and he is going to off-road bike ride, spend a week across the midwest, 17 hours a day, at zero degrees celsius temperature of the environment.even at this time is now in early january, the temperature of the las vegas is almost close to zero.

electron 's gen 2 wheel is actually released a few months ago, is currently the company's website to booking, the price is$799(at some point in time to obtain the best way to buy).however, the entire google assistant service at ces are brand new, only at the beginning of the next february delivery will launch a beta version.obviously, google will not content with only intelligent assistants used in mobile phones and intelligent speakers, thus its electronic products as potential partners.this attempt is by far one of the most interesting application of intelligent assistant, and is more meaningful than its initial novelty.

vice president james parker said in an interview with techcrunch stated:"we have been cooperating with google, integrates the assistant service, how to make the user experience as simple as possible, and how to integrated voice technology in the process of riding, it let us feel excited.""in the car, there are many such instruction techniques.we think that using the technology to ride a bicycle is there are a lot of opportunities.the working principle of electric wheel and other most front-wheel drive bike accessories."

according to the company, the installation process should be no more than a minute, pull the wheel on the spokes of the front.then the sensor fixed on the pedal with velcro.this is the default mode, the system uses a tilt sensor to detect when you up the mountain, and then began to can apply to customize the auxiliary level through the app, but even on the handlebars stents, this also is a kind of pain.this is google assistant comes in.

no microphone on the steering wheel(maybe in the future there will be such a microphone), within earshot, so you still need a microphone."ok, google, riding start"will start the wheels, and began to track statistics through the electronic addition, you can also use the helper to change auxiliary level, find the battery of the wheels, and have it read data when you ride a bike.

the cross-country journey will begin on december 31 morning, rider max lippe from manhattan's union square.he would ride about 17 hours a day, and then(hopefully) arrived at ces in 10 days.wheel in charge of up to 80.47 km, which means that the team must be replaced periodically the wheels.

in order to do this, a van will follow lippe, with six wheels, constantly charging, so that it is ready to start.if all goes according to plan, lippe in las vegas on january 10, this is the second day of the exhibition.

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