the technology industry in prophecy: self-driving cars will become a reality

dispatch of netease science and technology news on january 1, according to foreign media reports, for technology companies of the past 2017 years is very embarrassed.they become a"boy"both parties compete to flay, a new gender discrimination, a responsible for the election of the spoiler, even"social structure"torn, destroy a generation,"hijacked".

but in the past year, the technology industry also earn too much money.they have higher income, increase profits, and share price, google, microsoft, facebook and amazon five technology company's shares were up more than 33%.and other technology company's share price is doing, salesforce, adobe, autodesk, hp, dell and intel's shares have risen more than 25%.

here, five of the company's share price increase of science and technology in 2017,

this seems to be a strong development and social repercussions.but who can know all of them?i've always thought, in the process of continuous development of science and technology industry,'s comments on the comments will not be more the new year, the entire technology industry will evolve?

1:science and technology will continue to trend of bank industry.

big banks to extract a lot of profit from society, people don't trust them, but they have to rely on.this is also the trend of the development of science and technology industry in the new year.even if the word of mouth plays, but big technology companies will continue to implement large profit.the entire technology industry the negative effect on the labour market will be more and more obvious, the income gap widened gradually.

unfortunately, it has to do with whether the user like service evolving nature of science and technology do not have too much to and technology industry to create incredible is convenient, practical, almost impossible to replace the products.bankers are executives will bring people feel the same?the technology industry is not possible to have it all, but there is no doubt that it will have more money.

2:fusion and virtual reality would continue in a certain way.

if after the 2016 election campaign and there is one thing became clear, the only crestor is internet information is becoming more and more strange.macedonia teenagers run scam sites, the flow of media companies click, russian media agencies, prank, super party media and opaque algorithm together, created an illusory, a new artificial intelligence technology development herald a more difficult to recognize the reality of the network media also more not to be trusted.neural network, this is a special form of machine learning can be according to the new audio, audio file so you can borrow some to want to say public figures out of the mouths of propaganda.through this technology, we can also generate video scene.this is our information in the future.those who want to really understand what is happening will have to rely on the analysis of the mainstream media, research institutions or other information services, such as the gatekeeper.

predict 3:more electric vehicles will be heading to the street.

under the function of various factors, will become the electric car industry in 2018 a breakthrough the electric car is not just cars and motorcycles, but various models of the cambrian explosion.the electric car will have a variety of sizes and shapes:auxiliary electric bicycles, for example, single wheel bike, segway scooter, power scooter and so on.all of these vehicles all have a common characteristic.first is battery power, so the vehicle noise is smaller, and more environmental protection.secondly they are relatively convenient, low cost, price range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, can make people more quick and cheap to through the whole city.again, they mainly take the bicycle lane, higher security.finally, the electric car can hardly is wheeled smartphones.and in 2018 will be a corresponding product is accepted by the public.

4:you will hear may even use the word"the buyer monopoly".

we all know what is monopoly, or at least we think we know.the usual monopoly is a company held a dominant position in the relevant market, so that only a commodity only a seller.however, there is a monopoly situation is called"the buyer monopoly".this is refers to the relevant market is only one buyer.the kind of power which is exercised by amazon, it can tell how much it will be paid for the procurement of goods suppliers.the old antitrust tend to focus on consumers, it will harm the interests of consumers.and for consumers, it seems, if there is damage is not the only way to determine whether a company behavior caused damage.this is particularly important in the labour market, because in an industry with a handful of dominant firms will let workers is difficult to obtain fair market share, this for high-tech companies such as amazon is a very serious strategic issues.5:

prediction facebook will continue to exit the business news.

a few years ago, facebook into the news business.they made the media companies to make a strategic decision to the court, and then sends the flow as incentives for these there are a few signs that facebook is exit from this strategy, and emphasizes the friends share posts, rather than the media page.

forecast 6:camera will become a more important part of the equipment, or for those who don't have the equipment to the screen.

now, the camera has become so cheap that everywhere.they exist in the car, the doorbell, baby monitor and so on various types of products.the existence of the camera is often in order to show the human images.but with the rise of the machine learning technology, the computer can parse images, which will be the biggest users of the camera in the machine.this means that manufacturers will put the camera into more equipment, so that the equipment can run the show low levels of intelligence.although there are privacy issues, but as to be able to run the image recognition technology of artificial intelligence chip development, some of the equipment will be in the local data processing, and no longer send information to the clouds, to solve the problems of privacy.

7:self-driving cars will quietly become a reality.

self-driving cars have been in the phase of hype cycle is weird.on the one hand, more than ten years people have been looking at the media coverage, but no one can buy real self-driving cars.on the other hand, the technology has made great progress, itself out from google's self-driving cars company waymo began in chandler, arizona(chandler) providing shared services that self-driving cars, this is also the most important milestone in the development of self-driving cars so far.while many traditional big carmaker said 2020 will begin to sales of self-driving cars, but they will provide more and more for the existing models of semi-automatic driving function.this diverse driving experience combined with waymo shared car business, will enable automatic driving technology has gained 2018, automatic driving technology will be at least in some developed cities deployment.

forecasts 8:the new labour movement will be success in the economic transformation.

most economic evolution as a labor organization of the the application of you like people who work at the other end disconnected with each other, don't usually see yourself as a staff member of the organization.but earlier this year, the industry once talked about a question:can the economic transformation of workers to organize.relevant personage puts forward two suggestions:first, through the application of the organization's staff large number, should set up relevant trade unions, rather than just make a warehouse of 100 people into a union.under the new economic organization form will have tens of thousands of new union members.second, a lot of new economy firms began to profit, if the union to a slice of this action, it should also be a draw, for example, last year in seattle and new york uber driver is also a sign of future trade unions.

the above does not represent all theme of next year.encryption currency such as coins, augmented reality, independent research and development chip, the global internet information fragmentation, the death of network neutrality and network security issues will be continuous hot topic.

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