geely chairman li shufu concerns: ma must see our wechat from day to day

by the zhuhai municipal people's government guidance, with the island, sponsored by the management committee of hengqin new area"2018 with island bbs and the new year new year dinner"is scheduled for december 30, 2017-jan 01, 2018 held in zhuhai, honorary president of the zhejiang island adjacent institutions with island, geely holding group co., ltd.chairman li shufu attendance and speech.

he especially when it comes to the issue of privacy protection and information security, li pointed out that people now is almost full transparency, there is no privacy and information walk on the road, there is a camera,"so i do go outside also rarely."open a car and flash, everywhere is very bright, slightly off he spluttered pa, you sat in the car inside it's almost impossible to escape the reality.

he also talked about the phone, wechat communications security,"as i thought in my mind, ma certainly looking at our wechat everyday, because he can see, literally see, these problems is very big."and cars are now have signal, are intelligent, you where to go, whole process is very clear, no privacy at all, safe without any information.

"in the face of such a problem, i am more upset." said,"because we always exposed a lot of commercial secrets in people's eyes."he thinks that if you don't solve this problem, it is involved in global competition is a weakness.

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