new year's money in hand, the days are gone forever the rise of electronic red envelopes and pattern

ar and social two weapons combined effect is good, is the first time for alipay can in creative and fun and wechat lucky money contest.

the influence of the electronic envelope

electronic red envelopes the impact on the industry is much larger than we think.

bring mobile payment has become an indispensable part of life

in the third party mobile payment market, pay treasure to have as much as 80% of market share, but now has been wechat pay eat up a lot of, this is because the rise of wechat lucky money.wechat lucky money after launch, wechat pay at a high speed increase.nearly two years, however, pay treasure to power in a red envelope slowed the growth of micro letter to pay.

bring about pay treasure and micro letter ruled china mobile payment field

as a result, for ali and tencent, electronic envelope is essentially marketing, its real purpose is to preempt the mobile payment users.the favourable activity with similar electronic red envelopes will give payment platform to attract new users, still can let the old customer loyalty is higher.this pattern formed a virtuous cycle, the more red, the more users, ali and tencent can earn more money.this festive red envelopes are favorable to force more next year.

in the

electronic red envelope into the mainstream is a foregone conclusion, the future development is also a clear.however, red packets will not be completely replace the traditional entity.because the traditional entity red envelope ceremony feeling stronger, human is heavier, suitable for wedding and solemnity of the envelopes and entity because of the traditional culture is always cannot be replaced by electronic red envelopes.

red envelopes as one of china's traditional custom, has a long history.the ancient red envelopes is elder give children lucky money at chinese new year.the significance of red packets larger now, gift, bonuses, tips, marketing methods, bribery, and even gambling.

about the red envelopes, at different times have different forms of payments.when the ming and qing dynasties are mostly with a red string tied to a coin, since during the period of the republic of china into a red paper bag of, however, fewer and fewer red paper bag, mobile electronic red envelope into the mainstream of the absolute.

electronic what is red envelopes?

electronic is to replace entity in the form of electronic payment filled, only need internet access.many people can use electronic red envelopes, but only a few know electronic envelope true origin.

electronic red envelopes is not mobile payment first, but the bank's"electronic business"red envelopes.this kind of electron red envelopes is essentially pay them to the bank account to transfer time is relatively slow, and a lack of electronic red envelopes business make electronic red envelopes without fire, until the internet giant intervention is good at marketing.

the rise of electronic red

tencent and alibaba giants all have their own mobile payment platform-wechat payments and pay treasure.the two platform intervention make electronic red envelopes open the floodgates to the fire.

bring about the rise of wechat lucky money and pay treasure to pay wechat competition style

although than paying treasure to junior, but pay wechat snatch electronic red envelopes.after the hot inside,"micro letter envelopes"formally on january 27, 2014.the next day,"new year red envelopes"option in the wechat app.micro letter red packets based on the micro letter im client large user base, contact red envelopes full of cash and convenient operation and traditional chinese new year red envelopes, pop up soon.

bring wechat lucky money

than wechat, pay treasure to red envelopes business is slow.and social attribute of the micro letter let micro letter envelope has the congenital advantage.although alipay also launched a social chat function, but the effect is not good, after all, in the field of social chat, no one can shake wechat status.

the pattern of the electronic envelope

in addition to the regular contacts between each a red envelope, micro letter to pay and pay treasure to have been a lot of other forms of red envelopes.let me give you summarized below a few comparatively representative forms of red envelopes.

micro letter group of grab a red envelope

micro letter group of grab a red envelope is refers to a person in a group of red envelopes, others to rob.everyone get the amount is not the same.this style is very simple, but very fun.and there is no activity time limit, not the holidays can be sent.

the spring festival in 2015:"shake"micro letter envelopes

after the harvest of the spring festival in 2014, micro letter in 2015 introduced a"wave"red envelopes, and when he was on the stage of cctv spring festival gala.the user can open during the activity wechat shake function, shake phone grab a red envelope.grab a red envelope, there is no limit to the number of each so crazy shake phone, grab a red envelope with the national people's game became very exciting, men, women and children are keen to get in.

the spring festival in 2015:pay treasure to get a red envelope

rivals pay treasure is not far behind, in the spring festival launched"get a red envelope"function.users open the pay treasure after entering the new year red envelopes interface, click the"get a red envelope"button to pay treasure to exchanges between friends get red envelopes.the user can add congratulations when get a red envelope.if friends accepted for red envelope request, the user will receive a red envelope.

that is a"traditional"red envelopes play, more in line with the spring festival custom, and the new year and red packets together.

the spring festival in 2016:micro letter envelopes pictures

during the activity, the user use micro letter shake, rocking a red envelope photos released permissions.after get permission, the user can send a the friend's opinion, the picture is fuzzy.if you want to remove the fuzzy, only need to photos released a red envelope.

can be seen from the 2015 and 2016, wechat red envelopes during the spring festival of fun and innovative has been stronger than the alipay.this is another"magic weapon"micro letter envelopes.

the spring festival in 2016:pay treasure to wufu red

during the activity, users can add pay treasure friends way to collect"everyone", collected five can exchange for a cash reward.

the alipay wufu red packets can be said to be"naked"social extension means.micro letter depending on the social network to establish payment platform to pay treasure to aware of the importance of the pay treasure to adopt"friends, wufu, win cash"red envelope model is not accidental.

the spring festival in 2017:pay treasure to wufu ar red

at the end of 2016"ar live-action red envelope"try, pay treasure to combine wufu ar and last year's red envelopes, released"ar wufu red envelope"new style.

users can pay treasure to the built-in ar function scan"f"word, after scans have a chance to collect blessing card.or through"steal card"take the card from friends.

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