wechat little game to jump jump is refer to money generation play tencent: has been in the fight against plugins

wechat small program in 2017 at the end of the year for important updates, new support wechat small game, and tencent to a"jump jump"the small game triggered the sun circle of friends in 2018.the play is simple, easy to addiction, but it's not easy to play a high marks.it is reported, in the meantime, some businesses find"opportunities", the sale"jump jump"generation play service, buyers spend tens of dollars, can brush to more than 500 points, squeezed into the top circle of friends.there are a lot of plugins i use program.

generation play program, offered for sale on the web in runtime requires players automatically into developer mode, the mobile phone to install the application of risk, the risk may bring player's cell phone.tencent also said that the use of plugins players, once found, the score will be zero.and the purchase play service manual, need merchant login buyers account, micro letter have security issues such as the micro letter account leak.

for the"jump jump"generation of online play service, late january 2, north green newspaper reporter learns from tencent, aiming at the plugin, wechat jumped a team has been in,"confirmed to use the plugin, will remove the user's score"from the game.at the same time, tencent company warned that uses real ranked in the game will not only affect users, some malicious software plugin may have other risks.

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