to pay for the ethical treatment of animals: the world's largest gallery upload smile apes photos is prohibited

recently, the world's largest paid subscription type gallery shutterstock officially announced that the site in the united states peta suggestion, the formal ban any under the condition of"unnatural"photographed the ape.

(figure from the national geographic)

according to peta, those used for shooting monkeys and apes are mostly young monkey, and also be forced separation and the mother monkey.and many people are like, looked with a"smiling face"monkey photos, is in the case of a brutal shooting.

the personage inside course of study will be those who looks like a"smile"expression is called"face"fear.because, to make these expressions of monkeys, mostly in was born not long after, mother and was forced to separate, leave a lifelong trauma, then through a large number of physical abuse, will be forced to make that kind of expression.

when it grow stronger to no longer controlled, training personnel will also they trapped in bad living environment, or be imprisoned for decades.

(figure since the disneynature)

specifically, shutterstock from now on will no longer accept photography and video clips include the following contents:

wearing clothing or wear decorate the ape, e.g.hat or sunglasses.

in the studio ape or the human environment, such as the office or the circus;

show any through training and unnatural state under the action of the ape, such as dancing or acting;

show any ape and unnatural human communication, such as shaking hands or being picked up.

in addition to this, even if the pictures were taken under the natural state, but the photographer through the electronic processing means of image processing into any of the above situation, also will not be allowed to release.

picture taken in the zoo, natural environment, still will be accepted.taking part were living in the human environment, such as asian city temple ape photos, still be recognized gallery.

(figure from the national geographic)

shutterstock gallery as one of the world's largest fees, business users can pay to use library content, number of platforms will be used according to the pictures for the photographers users pay.

by banning in any 'unnatural' state, contains the apes' actors' images, shutterstock to them changed a lot, whether to still live in the natural environment, or had been locked in the human ape has great significance.

peta primatologist julia galluci said.also, she wants to shutterstock decision can bring impact to other gallery company.

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